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Started in 1997 as a second hand music shop under an unpretentious name “Thelonious” our glorious enterprise developed considerably to embrace other music related activities – namely carrying out concerts, producing and releasing recordings. For these purposes an NGO “Thel” (concert management) was opened in 2004 and“No Business Records” (music releasing) – in 2008. Since the beginning “Thelonious” has been a special place on the city map – “a must visit” for anybody interested in jazz and improvised music. It didn’t take long before a community of dedicated fans united around the shop and it turned into some sort of club. Friendly relationship with local musicians has been established. By 2004 our love to music and an experience gained from listening and collecting records prompted an exciting idea: to invite our favourite artists to Lithuania. The NGO “Thel” was established and the first concert was successfully carried out. A list of our guests includes some of the most innovative and creative musicians of our time:

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