Rudi Records

The Rudi label

was created to bring jazz music to listeners, with a particular focus on improvisation and free experimentation. Apart from improvisation, the label will also present projects involving other types of music: all of them played with absolute authenticity.

Rudi Records is aware of the economic risk of such a proposal and of the lack – especially in Italy – of previous measures or efforts that might offer support for a similar project, which is bound to be viewed with a certain wariness by the general public.

But RR also believes that it is from just such crises, and especially in the world of music, that many important new directions and proposals have come into being in the past.

This is the spirit and these are the hopes that sustain RR, guide its decisions and inspire both its musicians and the audiences at its live sessions, which, in many cases, led to the creation of RR recordings.

Right from the start, these have been the strongpoints of any initiative undertaken by Massimo Iudicone, the founder of the RR label, through which he will continue to pursue his time-honored activities as a producer of festivals and concerts.

Through such events RR intends to establish a special rapport with the musical public, offering recordings that do not necessarily fall into hard and fast categories, in an effort to add warmth to the rather gelid range of existing offerings, which, though at first glance appear almost infinite, at times follow a set of very narrow, predetermined paths.

In addition to producing and manufacturing CDs and DVDs, Rudi Records will also oversee a series of projects devoted exclusively to digital downloading, fully embracing this revolution in musical technology, not only in the interests of reaching a larger audience but, even more importantly, in order to fight recording piracy.

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