Misha Feigin Ceremony’s A Name For The Rich Horn Didier Lasserre Jean-Luc Cappozzo LP No Business Records Ken Filiano Live at Edgefest Lou Grassi Marilyn Lerner Max Johnson One For Cisco Thomas Borgmann Willi Kellers Double LP Eugenijus Kanevicius Intuitus Liudas Mockunas Vladimir Tarasov drums William Hooker Albrecht Maurer Fantasm Lucian Ban Mat Maneri Nemu Records Fusion More Cheese Rock Spacy Naan Cheese Anil Eraslan John Lindberg Juggling Kukla A Little Off The Top Chris Corsano Giovanni Di Domenico Peter Jacquemyn Martin Küchen | Jon Rune Strøm Melted Snow Tollef Østvang Johan Berthling Martin Küchen Night In Europe Steve Noble Free Jazz Group Wiesbaden | Frictions Frictions Now Bobby Bradford Frode Gjerstad Quartet The Delaware River Vinyl Echoes from Rudolph's John Carter Mark Weber Anders Berg Kume Tellef Ogrim Frode Gjerstad Hasselt MP3 Not Two Records Paal Nilssen-Love Peter Friis-Nilssen Sabir Mateen Ken Vandermark Luca Pissavini Rara Avis SEC_ Simone Quatrana Stefano Ferrian Joe McPhee Kent Kessler Rodrigo Amado This Is Our Language Polar Szilard Mezei Septet Kanreki Steve Swell 51 minutes Stories Elmar Guantes Hubert Bergmann mudoks records Mudocks Records Double Arc The Resonance Ensemble Amirani Records Live at Angelica Nicole Guazzaloca Tecniche Arcaiche Dan Clucas Dave Wayne Do Tell Hotend Julius Hemphill Mark Weaver Susan Alcorn The Crossing Sahara Gypsies Henry Kuntz Hummingbird Records Paul V. 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Perspectives The Complex Hut Ab halfpipe Mammut Nicolai Rissmann Out Of Usual piano Sogni di Giorno The Music of Nazareno People Mary Halvorson Mixtour Grund Christopher Hoffman Juan Pablo Carletti NIÑO / BRUJO Tony Malaby Chris Abrahams James Waples Mike Majkowski Raft of the Meadows ROIL Barry Guy Five Fizzles For Samuel Beckett Innerconnection Ted Daniel Ted Daniel’s Energy Module Dave Burrell Turning Point Billy Bang Medicine Buddha William Parker Melt! Paulina Owczarek Sam Bar Tomasz Gadecki Cactus Truck Jasper Stadhouders John Dikeman Onno Govaert Seizures Palace Dominik Strycharski Ksawery Wójciński Paweł Szpura Prophetic Fall Don Robinson Larry Ochs The Throne 3D Actually: It's Better Like This Dahlgren De Martin Dell book Tribal Diaries 7 Inch Vinyl Bay Area All Stars Fire On The Fifth Floor Floating Bridges LaDonna Smith Waters Ashore Both Kinds Of Music Only One Road Revisited Searching for Irina And The Songs We Sing CD Children Songs Me You The Other Side Of Reflections Moscow by Heart Skippers In Training Cloud Letters haiku Butch Morris Conduction Interview J.A. 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Harvey Pekar | Sun Ra | Iniquity Press Light Dark Light Tom Kryss Big Hammer No. 8 Big Hammer No. 15 Daniel Fuchs & George Ade Harvey Pekar on Frank Norris David Roskos Doggerel Chaff & Pedestrian Preoccupations Lyrical Grain For The Past Lifetime John Richey Ken Greenley Temporary Guaranteed Shelter Joe Weil The Pursuit of Happiness Andrew Gettler Liquid Jesuit Three in One Fall & All - Book One The Energy Of The Flesh Uncle Sam's Portrait Brad Kohler Teenage Stoned Death Games Jen Dunford Shadow Of Book Early Stream Of Consciousness And Allied Writing & Other Essays Burlesque Ed Galing Bits of Birth Michael Pingarron Linda Lerner Something is Burning in Brooklyn Big Hammer No. 13 Life's Crowning Moment Peter Halfar Tire Grabbers The Book Of Shards Children of the Sun & Earth Call francEyE Rose of Sharon Press A Tribute to Henry Miller Black Messiah Vagabond Publication & Hcolom Press A Tribute To Jack Micheline Ragged Lion Long Song Records The Vancouver Tapes Udu Calls Trio S. A. 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Hand Jr. whose really blues how sweet it is jr. q.r.hand David P. Gollub Of Course Falling Sky Look What The Cat Dragged In Again Whitman McGowan Zeitgeist Buttering the Wind Book of Rebellions The Horizontal Poet Night Joie Cook She is Fighting Love Joie in Chaps: the Collected Chapbooks of Joie Cook Eliot Schain Westering Angels Cannibal Café Frayed Special Effects As Needed For Rage As For Us Harry Fagel Undercover Street Talk Eli Coppola Some Angels Wear Black Flying at Cafe Babar My Body Is A War Toy Habitat Laura Conway The Cities Of Madame Curie Andy Clausen Without Doubt MK Chavez Virgin Eyes Jennifer Blowdryer Wrong Wrong Wrong Wheres My Wife? Lenore Waters The Revolution of 1964 Mother-Daughter Poems The Laziest Secretary Susan Birkeland The Bruised Angels' Almanac Bone Needles Gary Ashman Jan Ashman Ken Wanamaker Mike Talbert Shera Paris Klein Thomas J. Fitzpatrick The Graceful Arc of a Missile Donna M. 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Olsen Christian Marien Matthias Müller Superimpose guitar Gunnar Geisse Meta Alle Neune: Rheinländer Partie Michael Vorveld Wolfgang Schliemann Faint Franziska Schroeder Pedro Rebelo Steve Davis Chris Forsyth Nate Wooley The Duchess of Oysterville Ensemble O Joël Merah Maitane Sebastian Music of Wheel Stéphane Garin Sylvain Chauveau Pollen Richard Barrett Ute Wassermann Arousal City Paul Giallorenzo Thomas Mejer Jazz Piano Nusch Werchowska Surgo Christoph Schiller Harald Kimmig Regen A constant migration (between reality and fiction) Adrianno Zanni Bszent Hun Sébastien Cirotteau Wade Matthews Beside the cage Moritz von Woellwarth Oliver Demand Rolf Kleinemas Thomas Winger Drain Guilherme Rodrigues Mathieu Werchowski Aus dem Fotoalbum eines Pinguins Sabine Vogel Christine Sehnaoui Undecided (A Family Affair) Joseba Irazoki | Olatuetan Alfredo Costa Monteiro Alud Pablo Rega Hans Tammen Intersecting a Cone with a Plane Ricardo Arias Bechir Saade Oranges César Burago Fala Mariam Rafael Toral Sei Miguel The Tone Gardens Heddy Boubaker Lack of Conversation Benjamin Duboc Edward Perraud Etau Jeff Arnal John Hughes Lars Scherzberg Looking in My Ear Tripwire electronics Grundik Kasyansky Light and Roundchair 50 Ballets Alexandre Babel Nicolas Field Christoph Irmer Oxide Bruit Pedro Chambel Belvédère dans l'étendue David Chiesa Emmanuel Petit Eric La Casa Jean-Luc Guionnet Ingar Zach Mørke - Lys Claus van Bebber Kreisel Michael Vorfeld electric guitar Plakation Scatter Trumpet Double Bass Phonèmes 500 g Michael Maierhof Nordzucker Agnès Palier Olivier Toulemonde Rocca Aérea Ruth Barberán Christian Wolfarth Drumming Jason Kahn Glotosifres Mathias Pontèvia Nush Werchowska Big Clouds in the Sky Today Bryan Eubanks Doug Theriault D is for Din Tisha Mukarji Peter Baumgartner Savagnières Cyril Epinat Duo... Jérôme Bertholon Mathias Forge José Oliveira Kinetics Oren Marshall Gino Robair Sputter Ascent Of The Nether Creatures Earl Cross Idris Ackamoor Muhammad Ali Rashied Al Akbar Bill Elgart Kent Carter Plaything Daniel Blacksberg Trio Perilous Architecture Mattias Ståhl North And The Red Stream RED trio Live at Vilnius Jazz Festival Cal Haines Trio The Bright Side Barry Weisblat Diafon Leuchten Michael Thieke Dining Room Music Quentin Dubost Stéphane Rives Wrong shape to be a story teller Cal Haines Dedications Vol. II John Rangel Michael Glynn Tribute Trio Dedications Vol. I Landscape: Recognizable Lou Mallozzi Michael Zerang Antoine Chessex Gilles Aubry Swift Machine Torsten Papenheim Agape David Stackenäs Absence Axel Dörner Diego Chamy Leonel Kaplan Sen Toshihiro Koike Bertrand Denzler Daniel Erdmann Michael Griener Stralau Amber Julia Eckhardt Lucio Capece Rhodri Davies Robin Hayward Sunday Sundaes Kai Fagaschinski Klaus Filip LOS GLISSANDINOS Stand Clear Kazushige Kinoshita Kenon Masafumi Ezaki Masahiko Okura Ailack Tetuzi Akyiama Utah Kawasaki Aspirations & Inspirations Abu Tarek Franz Hautzinger Claudio Rocchetti Pocket progressive Ferran Fages Istmo Bertrand Denzle Taku Unami Vasistas Betrand Gauguet Etwa Kreis A cavall entre dos cavalls Composicions per a guitarra Dirk Bell Gerd Dudek Joscha Oetz Misha Mengelberg Nils Tegen Nunc! Ryan Carniaux Chris Weller Chris Weller's Hanging Hearts Cole DeGenova Devin Drobka Dew Drop Blues Stills Variable Geometry Orchestra Capacidad de pérdida Kunststoff Dan Warburton Frédéric Blondy Jean-Sébastien Mariage L'écorce chante la forêt Mathieu Werchowsk Metz Xavier Charles Tidszon UNSK 7X4X7 Schwimmer Dorsal Gabriel Paiuk Manuel Mota Artists Day & Taxi Percaso Ueli Fuyûru Derendinger Contre-Plongée Gerhard Uebele Six Cuts For String Quartet For Solo Accordion Rumeur Boris Baltschun No Furniture Cesura Margarida Garcia Assemblage Matt Davis Ura Ficta Anamnesis 23 Exposures Marco Franco António Chaparreiro sudden music Multiples Concert in Paris Connie Crothers Being Visited Brad Jones Lo Galluccio Michael Evans Miki Navazio Eric Zinman Jane Wang Terrible Baubles DVD improvised music Noisy People Tim Perkis Ample Food Christoph Gallio Mösiöblö Brian Agro Procession Of The Ornaments Tomas Bächli Claudia Rüegg Gallio Hits/Stills Streuli Out Live in Shenzhen Shanghai and Taipei Material Private Poems and Preludes About 3-3-2 8 Pieces For Drums San`ya Shakuhachi Ueli Derendinger Cars & Variations/High Desert Songs All Maria's Place Michael Kanan Nathanael Su A Hole In The Ice Certainty Sympathy Fishland ristoph Gallio à Gertrude Stein Beat Streuli Road Works Edgetone Records Yehudit YL 101 Valentine C.O.M.A. Ornamental Urban Shrubbery Ijeoma Thomas Live in New York | Edgetone Records Michael Wimberly Oluyemi Thomas Positive Knowledge Wilber Morris E. Doctor Smith The Drummstick 2 Noertker's Moxie Sketches of Catalonia Vol. 1: Suite for Dali Sketches of Catalonia Vol. 2: Suite for Miro Jim Ryan's Forward Energy Where Are They? Configurations 2002 Edgetone Record Beth Snellings Different Strokes...Live K2 Seth Elgart Rent Romus The Lords of Outland You can sleep when you're dead Jess Rowland | The Shape of Poison | Edgetone Records Epicenter Tony Passarell 4TET Andy Meyer Jenna Barvitski Kyle Farrell The Giants of Gender The Drummstick Guinea Pig Out of Town Eddie the Rat Insomnia Sound Bible Culture of Pain Lords of Outland California Outside Music Associates COMA Big Words Once Around The Butterfly Bush Blood Motions Life's Blood Trio Adapt... or Die! John Tchicai Jazz on the Line No Boundaries Jim Ryan The Ghost Dog Tour Compilation You'll Never Be The Same! Bloom Jon Brumit Steven Baker And Sex Arrington de Dionyso Intuition Science Live in Detroit at the Bohemian National Home Poor Stop Killing Poor Everything's Going Everywhere Rick Rivera Robert Anbian The Unidentified Flying Quartet UFQ Box Deserter Two Revolutions De Larf Raymond Dijkstra De Hamer Die Wille Die Sonne La Philosophie Des Chiottes De Gedachte De Gelofte Dadaphon Clarinet Ta Eko Mo Theo Jörgensmann Quartett Connections Kevin Frenette The Kevin Frenette 4 Agusti Martinez Are Spirits What I Hear? Etude Records At Every Point Mike Hansen LNGTCHÉ Pau Torres Cançons Per A Un Lent Retard Epicycle La Ciutat Ets Tu Soundart Tomasz Krakowiak Jose Luis Redondo La Reponse Est Aux Pieds 120 Robert Millis Al voltant d´un para/.lel Francesco Valente Maloca Mofrancesco Quintetto Ap´Strophe Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga Objects Sense Objectes Giancarlo Schiaffini Rudi Records Sebi Tramontana Wind and Slap Holidays In Siena Silvia Bolognesi Cycles Erika Dagnino Slam Productions Stefano Pastor Cheval De Frise La lame du Mat Minority Records Gastr Del Sol Twenty songs less Polvere Milieu plus Tape Joao Paulo Jorge Nuno Signs Of The Silhouette Headlights RA CLOCK StillAliveinBairroAlto Sings Quartets Outubro European Echoes Quartet Works Solo Works Erika Dagnino Quartet Signs Chris Lee Kent McLagen Michael Vlatkovich Thank You Records Three3 Enzo Rocco Gianni Mimmo Jean Demey Jean Michel van Schouwburg Kris Vanderstraeten Sureau The Leuven Concert From Emptiness The Ken Silverman Septet Ken Silverman Visionaries Five Spot Klaus Kugel Mark Tokar Petras Vysniauskas Poltva Roberta Piket Yuri Yaremchuk Discovery Of Mysteries Tag Trio Yoko Miura Solo - Sticks Stones & Breaking Bones Will Guthrie Andrea Wolper The Small Hours Kas Kas Otzir Godot Dreams From A Clown Car Michael Attias Michael T.A. Thompson Steve Adams The Other Side Of This Subvenire Bonnie Barnett Trio For Two Mistaking Monks Greg Lyons Island to Island Smoke Signals Mitt Ferieparadis MUMMU Va Fongool Records Christian Skår Winther Ich Bin Nintendo Joakim Heibø Johansen Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard Andreas Wildhagen Henrik Munkeby Norstebo Kjetil Jerve Lana trio As Deafness Increases Inga Margrete Aas Rudolf Terland Bjornerem Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson Jan Martin Gismervik PGA Halvor Meling Wolfram Christian Meaas Svendsen Christian Winther Double CD M/W David Empfield Love in the KGB Vox Audio Joseph Somoza Wayne Crawford Acequia Booksellers Lawrence Welsh Joan Logghe John Tritica Nathaniel Tarn Janet Rodney Cosmographia Michael Boughn David Benedetti John Macker Margaret Randall Mera Wolf Federico Garcia Lorca Remembering Gene Frumkin Burt Hatlen David Abel Jeffrey Lee David Meltzer Michael Rothenberg Gary Brower Bill Sylvester Chico Martin Reads Jim Bishop Larry Goodell Live In Placitas Gene Frumkin Read George Kalamaras Mary Ann Cain Mary Rising Higgins Bobby Byrd Joe Hayes Reads in Placitas Dana Wilde Duende and Friends Craig Dworkin Reading in Albuquerque Timothy Wright Bruce Holsapple From Skull of Caves Gene Frumkin Anasazi Fields Winery Anne MacNaughton Mary McGinnis Peter Rabbit 1984-5 Buffalo Charles Keil John Clarke Donald Guravich Joanne Kyger Keith Wilson Lion's Gate Amy Beeder Stefi Weisburd V.B. Price A Memorial Reading Todd Moore (1937 - 2010) Acequia Booksellers in Albuquerque Anne Valley-Fox Jeff Bryan NM Donald Levering Janine Pommy Vega Alvaro Cardona-Hine Marilyn Stablein Stanley Noyes Carol Moldaw Fire in the New Year and Resonant Vocation Jonathan Skinner Mei-mei Berssenbrugge Anasazi Field Winery Suzanne Lummis Howard McCord Amalio Madueno Anasazi Fields Winery Placitas. NM Federico Ughi Francois Grillot Past & Present Futures EvilRabbitRecords Jan Klare Meinrad Kneer Modern Primitive Differential Equations Fabio Delvo John McLellan Kit Demos Skycap Music Narcéte Mirio Cosottini | Mantras | Impressus Records Do-Chū Koh Koya Records Masahiro Uemura Nankoh Kumon Natsuki Tamura Komado-No-Oh Tension Parallel Lives Daniele Cavallanti Rings Of Fire Tiziano Tononi Klaviermassagen Nicola Cipani Seven Solo Piano Recordings Carla Bozulich Dandelions On Fire Simone Massaron Porn Porno Jazz The Foot Job Band Emanuele Parrini Giovanni Maier Luca Calabrese Scott Amendola The Talking Bass Ben Goldberg Devin Hoff Plays Monk Il Tempo … Tra Le Nostre Mani Scoppia The Shipwreck Bag Show Jazz With The Megaphone? Tongs Electric Unit Nels Cline Smoke Inside Craig Green David King Breaking News The Ill-Tempered Piano Acoustic Guitar Trio Jim McAuley Rod Poole Vignes Alan Silva Burton Greene Parallel Worlds KC Duo Milano Elliot Sharp Jamaaladeen Tacuma Mucho Acustica Original Pigneto Stompers Piero Bittolo Bon Fabio Bonelli Musica da Cucina Giorgio Pacorig Jusi In The Wine House Massimo Pupillo Pacho Zeno de Rossi Laboule Refugio Marc Ribot Turtle Soup Gongfarmer 36 Dave King Moontower Keith Tippett Live in Trieste Two For Joyce Elliott Sharp Haptikon Hugo Antunes MALUS A Way A Land Of Life Chad Taylor Jason Ajemian Rob Mazurek Aga Zaryan Agnieszka Skrzypek My Lullaby 100nka Zimna płyta Herb Robertson Superdesert Beata Przybytek Wonderland Adam Pierończyk Interzone Damon Smith Ghetto Calypso Marco Eneidi Peter Kowald Spirit Alchemia The Vandermark 5 Live in Lisbon Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio Alban Bailly Bryan Rogers David Flaherty Matt Engle Symbolic Heads YAPP Mikolaj Trzaska Sleepless in Chicago For We Have Heard Steven Lugerner Fabric Trio Murmurs Rebento Billy Hart Cecil McBee Charlie Kohlhase Garrison Fewell Tribal Ghost Evan Parker Live at Maya Recordings Festival Paul Lytton Live at Hasselt Quat Quartet Nasty & Sweet Reggie Nicholson Canons - 2nd Hoisting Szilard Mezei Tubass Quintet Lava Mark Sanders Olie Brice Riverloam Trio Ingebrigt Haker Flaten Kampen Nobuyasu Furuya Quintet The Major Correction with Mats Gustafsson Shift Live at Kerrytown House Narada Burton Greene Carlos Zingaro Jean Luc Cappozzo Jerome Bourdellon Live At Total Meeting Nicolas Lelievre Hell-Bent in the Pacific Lisa Mezzacappa Vijay Anderson Vinny Golia METAL ! THE THING Melodic Art-Tet Christian Weber Six Feet Under David 'Knife' Fabris Ran Blake Vilnius Noir Live at Kassiopeia Curare Daunik Lazro Jean-François Pauvros Roger Turner Creole Gardens Gerald Cleaver Pascal Niggenkemper Simon Nabatov Upcoming Hurricane Gilbert Paeffgen Werner Hasler Raymond Strid SYZYGY TARFALA TRIO Empire John Butcher Pedro Gomes Turbina Anthem Crossing Points Thomas Chapin February Fadontes Szilard Mezei Joe Morris Sensor Dalius Naujokaitis Kablys Joachim Badenhorst Klippe One Thomas Heberer Harris Eisenstadt Woodblock Prints Amalgam Prayer for Peace Dennis Gonzalez Connecticut Quartet Songs Of Early Autumn Atomic Boom Boom Bikini Tapes Chew Your Food Kenny Wollesen Lisle Ellis Arkadijus Gotesmanas Charles Gayle Dominic Duval Live in Vilnius Our Souls Live at the Yippie Lorenzo Sanguedolce Michael Bisio Bit Heads Earth's Orbit Rather Than Saints Sinners Jay Rosen Trio X Joëlle Léandre Live at Banlieue Bleue Paul Lovens Sudo Quartet Channels of Consciousness featuring Adam Lane William Hooker Quintet Alvin Fielder Kidd Jordan Live in New Orleans Hasparren 2° étage Christine Wodrascka Gerry Hemingway Grey Matter The Freedom Principle Max Johnson Quartet The Prisoner Ahmed Abdullah Andrew Cyrille Fred Hopkins Live!! Marion Brown Sirone The Group Billy Bang's Survival Ensemble Black Man's Blues - New York Collage Beneath Tones Floor Drop It Mockuno NuClear Live in Paris No Buiness Records The Nu Band Andrew Lamb Guillermo E. Brown Rhapsody in Black Tom Abbs Earl Freeman Freestyle Band Henry P. Warner Philip Spigner Elton Dean Paul Dunmall Paul Rogers Remembrance Tony Bianco Slow and Steady Absolute Horizon Adam Lane Trio Solo in Vilnius David S. Ware Quartet Brian Willson Jimmy Halperin Music of John Coltrane Commitment - The Complete Recordings - 1981-1983 Jason Kao Hwang Takeshi Zen Matsuura Will Connell Jr. Thinking of Khlebnikov Arthur Williams Jemeel Moondoc Mark Hennen Muntu Recordings Rashid Bakr Roy Campbell Jr. Curtis Clark Trio Taagi Mark Helias Terrence McManus Transcendental Numbers Centering Unreleased Early Recordings 1976 - 1987 Ryoji Hojito Vacation Music India Cooke Journey The Complete Short Stories 1998-2010 Arms Spread Wide Adam Caine Trio Thousandfold The Vilnius Explosion solo The Vilnius Implosion Monk Dreams Hannah Marshall Leila Adu Nicola Guazzaloca The Shoreditch Concert Fine Tuning Lol Coxhill Harri Sjöström Live at Bauchhund Berlin 2010 Edoardo Marraffa Polishing The Mirror Stefano Giust Daniel Levin Turbulent Flow EA Orchestra Likeidos A Windy Season Alessio Pisani Angelo Contini Tidal Amphidromic Cotidal Dissoi Logoi Nyx A Modo - Path Tracking Vito Marsico A Tempo Rocco Parisi's Bass Clarinet Quartet Again The Shoreditch Trio Aut Records Hanam Quintet Tristan Honsinger Andrea Laino Electrical Landscapes LAAND Bootstrap Paradox Free Jazz Kongrosian The Exit Door Leads In Crisco 3 You can never please anybody A Jazz Duet Adolfo La Volpe Beppe Scardino Color Network Danilo Gallo Francesco Massaro Giacomo Mongelli Emanuele Maniscalco Gabriele Rubino Giacomo Papetti Small Choices Luciano Caruso Luigi Vitale Tripterygion Bindu Hamid Drake Reggaeology RogueArt Jazz Hans Sturm Joan Wildman Joseph Kubera Nils Bultmann Numbers Roscoe Mitchell Stephen Rush Thomas Buckner Vartan Manoogian William Winant Graffiti In Two Parts Joe Morris Quartet Arc of O ARCHE NewMusic Ensemble Nicole Mitchell Sax Drumming Core Stone Shift Harrison Bankhead Indigo Trio Michel Edelin The Ethiopian Princess Meets The Tantric Priest Before After Dylan van der Schyff Marshall Allen Matthew Shipp Night Logic Emerald Hills Nicole Mitchell's Sonic Projections Steve Swell's Fire Into Music Swimming In A Galaxy Of Goodwill And Sorrow Anaya Blissful Right Hemisphere Rob Brown Whit Dickey Joe Giardullo Open Ensemble Red Morocco Matthias Schubert Scott Fields Scott Fields Ensemble Thomas Lehn We Were The Phliks Xu Fengxia Miya Masaoka Peggy Lee Spiller Alley Black Earth Ensemble Live at Sant'Anna Arresi Three Compositions No Side Effects Roscoe Mitchell Trio Vincent Davis Corey Wilkes Craig Taborn Jaribu Shahid Roscoe Mitchell Quintet Tani Tabbal Turn Alexandre Pierrepont Didier Petit Passages - A Road Record - Woodstock - New York - Chicago - Los Angeles RougeArt Jazz Radiant Pools Rob Brown Quartet Book Of Three John Hébert Taylor Ho Bynum Nasheet Waits Rob Brown Trio Unknown Skies Marc Parisotto Nicolas Humbert Roots Run Deep Yusef Lateef Contact David Wessel Urdla XXX A Tribute To Jean Genet Declared Enemy Denis Lavant Salute To 100001 Stars Jacques Bisceglia Reaching Into The Unknown Steve Dalachinsky Maison Hantee Mike Ladd Bernard Santacruz Denis Fournier Hanah Jon Taylor Tomeka Reid Watershed Jeff Albert's Instigation Quartet The Tree On The Mound Matter Anti-Matter Rob Mazurek Exploding Star Orchestra Michel Edelin Quartet Resurgence East-West Collective Humeurs The Secret Escapades of Velvet Anderson Kuntu Michel Edelin Trio Kassap | Lavant | Lopez | Medioni | Tchamitchian | Ascension Tombeau de John Coltrane | RogueArt Jazz Chicago Trio Ernest Dawkins Velvet Songs George Lewis Transatlantic Visions Engraved in the Wind Live At Last Maghostut Trio Malachi Favors Rex Wrecks & XXX Joshua Abrams Quartet Unknown Known a movie directed by Laurence Petit-Jouvet Double DVD + CD Off The Road 4 CD Box Set David Arner Spontaneous Suites For Two Pianos Book + CD Conversations Ed Hazell Un Piano Sisters Where Logos and Language: A Post-Jazz Metaphorical Dialog Lorna Lentini Dave Liebman The Fallout of Dreams Agustí Fernández Sonic Party Zlatko Kaucic Big Eyed Rabbit Jeff Davis Ross Martin Frode Gjerstad Trio Russian Standard In The Abstract Side A El Gallo Rojo Records Giulio Corini Libero Motu Orange Room Franco D'Andrea Quartet Sorapis Adriatics Orchestra Comeglians Daniele D'Agaro Dudek! Mickey Finn Cocktail Saturno Silvia Donati Standhard3io Achille Succi Pequenas Flores do Inferno Salvatore Maiore Gallo & the Roosters Todo Chueco The Manne I Love! Vol.1 & 2 Zeno de Rossi Shtik Fernando Pepe Medri Timbuctu Orkestra Crooning The Anger Henry Taylor American Clavé Days and Nights of blue luck inverted Kip Hanrahan Conjure Music for the texts of Ishmael Reed At home in anger Desire develops an edge Horacio el Negro Hernandez Robby Ameen Robby and Negro at the Third World War A thousand night and a night - (1- red nights Exotica Bembé Milton Cardona Darn It! Paul Haines Cab Calloway stands in for the moon All roads are made of the flesh Every Child Is Born A Poet Piri Thomas Silvana DeLuigi Yo! Bad Mouth Anthology 1980 - 1992 Tenderness Brassum Alan Lechusza AMH Trio Live at Field & Frame Plutonium Records Biggi Vinkeloe Desert Sweets Patti Littlefield Resonance Radius Witch of Agnesi Juozas Milasius Slow Protuberance Treated and Released Mark Weaver's Brassum Warning Lights André Pabarciuté Varpai Jink Theo Jörgensmann Trio Hot Bruce Eisenbeil Sextet Inner Constellation Volume One Photosphere Robert Dick Ursel Schlicht Op der Schmelz - Live Roby Glod Bruce Eisenbeil Carnival Skin Hilliard Greene Perry Robinson Mars Syntopia Quartet Briefe von Margarete Steffin Gedichte Maria Ammann Prosa Ute Kaiser Ganelin Trio Priority Melencolia Hidden Fresco Norbert Rodenkirchen Loplop's Call Potrawy S Trawy + Kompot Gratis DeMartin Not 3 Annular Gift Vandermark 5 By Five Jerzy Małek Dragon Nat Gen Himmel Satoko Fujii Tornado Satoko Fujii New Trio Spring Storm Satoko Fujii Orchestra Tokyo Satoko Fujii Min-Yoh Ensemble Fragment Junk Box Cloudy Then Sunny Forever Gato Libre Kuro Christian Pruvost Peter Orins Rafale Eto Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York Angelo Verploegen Crossword Puzzle Double Duo Summer Suite Clouds Satoko Fujii Quartet Vulcan Minerva Hada Hada Natsuki Tamura Quartet Chun In the Tank Takayuki Kato Angelona Ted Reichmann Yamabuki Satoko Fujii Trio Trace A River Cut The Rope First Meeting Satoko Fujii Orchestra Zakopane Shiro Muku South Wind Exit How Many? Illusion Suite Indication Paul Bley Something About Water DuDu Shiki Don't Touch My Music Vol.1 Gebhard Ullmann Basement Research Don't Touch My Music Vol.2 My Personal Friend Orange Train Baterie Janusz Zdunek 4 Syfon Jazz Ballads For Trio Małys Rodowicz Strzelczyk Artur Majewski Foton Quartet Gerard Lebik Zomo Hall Mint amikor tavasz When Spring Sirone's Concord Dohee Lee Fred Frith Joan Jeanrenaud Kihnoua Liz Allbee Unauthorized Caprices Jason Stein's Locksmith Isidore Three Kinds of Happiness Sama Hardboiled Wonderland 5000 Poems Slammin' The Infinite Conference Call Gebhard Ullmann George Schuller Joe Fonda Michael Jefry Stevens What About...? Frode Gjerstad feat. Steve Swell Sound Gathering Ivo Perelman Near to the Wild Heart Rosie Hertlein Magic Bartlomiej Brat Oles Ideas Kenn Thomas Positive Knowledge - Edgefest Edition Keir Neuringer Rafal Mazur Unison Lines Creatures Alberto Fiori Perfect Blue Frank Gratkowski Kanata oirTrio Sebastian Gramss Tatsuya Nakatani Clifford Barbaro Darrell Green Emannuel Harrold For Yes! John Austria Lenwood Turner Michael Marcus Rashaan Carter Russell Carter The Horse Jumps & The Ship Is Gone Vandermak 5 Special Edition Kafka In Flight Avram Fefer Eliyahu Eric Revis In Remembrance of the Human Race The Kris Wanders Outfit Schmetterling Simon Rose Round about one o'clock André Goudbeek Lê Quan Ninh Uwaga Mark In The Water Ibsen's Ghosts Jeb Bishop Live in Katowice The Fonda-Stevens Group Trio + 2 Ad Faunum Giacomo Merega Jacob William Joe Moffett Noah Kaplan 10.000 Leaves Clementine Gasser Elisabeth Harnik Wild Chamber Trio Blow Wind Zenta Echo Wind! Fújj szél Szilárd Mezei Vocal Ensemble visshangozz szél Zenta Singing Elephant Szilard Mezei Szabad Quintet B. Tan Özemek D. Doğusel Eklisia Sunday H. Ertunç Konstrukt (feat. Peter Brötzmann Alison Blunt Lasting Ephemerals Motion Trio The Flame Alphabet Absolute Zero Gabriel Ferrandini Hernani Faustino Jon Irabagon Mike Pride The Exterminating Angel François Carrier John Edwards Michel Lambert Overground to The Vortex Steve Beresford Mad Dogs New Orchestra (small formations) Jason Roebke Panoramic Tobias Delius Devototionalien Johannes Krebs Kilian Schrader Mario Rechtern Cristiano Calcagnile even worms have nerves Luca T Mai Nerve4tet Swedish azz presents: Eric Carlsson & All Stars Volume One & Two Denis "Jazz" Charles Live in Poland Adrian Valosin Dave Kaczorowski Party Enders Engines Other Violets Jacek Kochan What's wrong with Now? Construction Party Dave Rempis Forbes Graham Instruments of Change Pandelis Karayorgis Mark Whitecage Quartet Tyshawn Sorey Searching for Adam New Atlantis Octet Unto The Sun Blue Chicago Blues Night Asylum Rosa Luxembourg New Quintet Natural Disorder Jörg Fischer Live in Wiesbaden Peter Brötzmann Across the Sky Raoul van der Weide Masahiko Satoh Takeo Moriyama Yatagarasu Alex Huber Silke Eberhard Singen Sollst Du DKV Trio Past Present featuring Ingebrigt Håker Flaten Paul Giallorenzo Trio Tim Daisy The Voice Is One Live in Brooklyn Pete Robbins’s Unnamed Quartet Kris Wanders Mani Neumeier Quintet Taken by Surprise Frail Lumber Conversations live in Ljubljana Lauren Newton Broken Partials Harvey Sorgen Rumble Seat Steve Rust BOT Szilard Mezei Ensemble Antonio Arnedo Border Crossing Stepwise Tomas Fujiwara Monorain Bohdan Lizoń Moonlight Walk The Damage Is Done Gromka The Disappointment of Parsley The Rempis Percussion Quintet Live at Vision Fest. XII The Michael Bisio Quartet Live at Firehouse 12 The Rob Brown Trio Out / In the Open The David Arner Trio Emergence Whit Dickey Trio NRD Sport i religia Zephyros Desert Ship Satoko Fujii ma-do Quartet Gwinciński Mucha Richter Skolik Suchodolska Birth & Rebirth The Wall-London Band Family Song Los Angeles Jazz Quartet Hasidic New Wave Live In Cracow Lotus Symphony Arek Skolik Checkmate Michał Szumlas Sylwester Sośniak Ed Schuller Plastinated Black Sheep Fine Objects Jason Nazary Petr Cancura Do I The In? musicConspiracy Heat Wave Forgiveness The Charles Gayle Trio Alchemic Life Kazutoki Umezu KIKI Band 1st Meeting Towards Sky Flight Of Dragon Ensemble 56 Cosmic Suite Matthew Shipp Quartet Rivers Of Sound Ensemble.......News From the Mystic Auricle Alchemy François Fuchs Return Of The New Thing Nowhere to Hide Barmikor most / Anytime now Szilard Mezei Trio The Story of Mankind Free Within The Law Dennis Gonzalez Jnaana Septet The Gift of Discernment Intimate Conversations Tiebreaker Live in Vienna The Dope and The Ghost Henry Grimes The Power Of Light Juke Box Suite ROVA Saxophone Quartet Herb Robertson Trio & Live at Alchemia Marcin Oleś & Bartłomiej Brat Oleś Live at the Vision Festival Fonda - Stevens Group Trio Kugel Tokar Yaremchuk Yatoku Ches Smith Darren Johnston Reasons for Moving Songs for Krakow The Magic Door Illustration Tomek Sowiński and the Collective Improvisation Group Ganelin Trio Priority Live in Lugano Four Sides To The Story In Krakow In November Basement Research Live in Münster Remember Now Eugene Wilson IV Howard Byrdsong Nigeria Five Nights Trio Tarana ABCD Anthony Braxton Chris Dahlgren Scrambler Zetrons Deanna Witkowski Great Spirit James Finn Leon Lee Dorsey Decade Abstract Andrzej Przybielski Bartłomiej Oleś Andy Mandorff Perndorff Thomas Pernes Crescendo Emil Kowalski Sanktoria Joe Giardullo Weather Adam Kowalewski Piotr Wyleżoł Yearning Łukasz Żyta Back Point Custom Trio Arek Skolik Checkmate Quintet Mirror Gambit Hamburg Jazz Quintet Sopot Interzone Jazzorchestra Transylvanian Grace Gift Cezariusz Gadzina Trio Double Heart Contemporary Quartet Mahall Oleś Tiberian Another Blowfish The Sabir Mateen Jubilee Ensemble musique concrete The Bubbadinos We're Beating A Dead Horse Yup Zerx December Soul Paolino dalla Porta Stefano Battaglia Zlatko Kaucic Trio Andi Fite Boel Dirke Charly Krachy Andy Fite Liz Gorrill Ferrian Pissavini Quattrini Trio feat. Sabir Mateen the uneXPected Fred Lonberg-Holm Game Theory Survival Unit III C. Spencer Yeh Dragonfly Breath Paul Flaherty Weasel Walter Aaron Bennett Comeuppance John Finkbeiner Ben Lindgren John Kuntz Opeye bamboo flute Gamelan Opeye Trio John Juntz ukulele ukelele New World Music Guatemala Indian Ritual Music Bolivia Java 1997 Sacred Gamelan Sekati of Yogyakarta balinese flute violin New Opeye Trio Scott Braziel Royal Garden Sweet The Magic of Mystery Brass Band Marimba Mexico Italque Native Ritual Music Bali Gong Ensembles Indian Music Marimba Music Todos Santos The Mark Weber Poetry Band Turtle Night PBB'S Lacus Amoenus The Sauna Session Acid Cock Brio Blood Trio feat. Sabir Mateen Understory Feet Out of The Fire Head Above Water Fonda Schuller Seven / Live at Firehouse 12 Stevens Ullmann Ancient Of Days CHARLES NOYES Humming Bird Records JOHN GRUNTFEST Light Of Glory e-book Poison Pen Connie Crothers Quartet Live at The Stone - NY NA 1046 and Consciousness Charles Burnham NA1049LP Pitch Rhythm Tony Jones NA1053 Richard Tabnik Trio Symphony for Jazz Trio Band Of Fire NA 1050 Richard Tabnik Roger Mancuso Roy Campbell Trance Formation in Concert Jessica Jones Live at the Freight Mark Taylor NA1052 Alexis Parsons Hippin' NA1047 Michael Levy NA1051 Thoughtless A Million Shimmering Fish NA1057 NA1055 Paula Hackett Piano and Poems Sharing the Thrill Live at the Freight | NA1056 Metropolis Pablo Ledesma seis episodios en busca de autor Audrey Lauro Isabelle Sainte-Rose Life is Knife The Systers Agua Mimmo Elda Papa Kursk - truth in the end Xabier Iriondo Forgiving July Claudio Lugo Esther Lamneck GenoaSoundCards Alan Wilkinson Blaise Siwula Live in London Brooklyn Moments Nobu Stowe Ray Sage Dom Minasi New York Moments audio book Charles K. Noyes Cross-Eyed Priest Greg Goodman Henry Kaiser Deep Friendship Shard Writer Blake Newman Dwight Hart Getting Fixed Jeff Robinson Entropy Stereo Recordings Faruq Z. Bey with Northwoods Improvisers Fulgornatus John Gilbert Ornette On Bass Bartloliej Brat Oleś Miniatures NotTwo Records ElectroAcousticSilence Flatime Jon Howard Paul Baylis Stuart McCallum Hard Landing Lummox Press Rick Smith Farouq Z. Bey with Northwoods Improvisers ebook Michael Adams Steel Valley Door County in Winter Jim Spector Norbert Blei Beth Wilson Gerald Locklin Modest Aspirations short stories Jealousy Party Arch.Musik Sebastiano Tramontana Drive By James Newton John Goldsmith Midnight Pacific Airwaves Richard Rehwald 3. Salon für Klang + Kunst Gunter Pretzel Stephan Richter 1. Salon für Klang und Kunst Harald Lillmeyer Margarita Holzbauer Down this crooked road Pris Campbell Sea Trails Andrea Melani Cardinal Five Rooms No Room For Doubt Noble Art Thollem Mc Donas Music for Mixed Woodwinds Poetry & Brass Wooden Gun EAR & NOW Eclipse Rosa Corn EAR & NOW The long way home Marjolaine Charbin Blastula Monica Demuru Scarnoduo Marcello Magliocchi Serendipity Conor Elmes Mike Gamble Noah Jarrett The Inbetweens Cono di Ombra e Luce EA Silence Frantz Loriot Ulysses Journey into the Valley Fire & Rain Vol. 2 Raindog RD Armstrong Fire & Rain Vol. 1 Ancestry Jamie Harris Trevor Watts Edus Tonus Anthony Braxton Quartet Standards (Brussels) 2006 Claudia Parentala El Pagano Don Marvel on off the beaten path Adrian Pereyra Christoph Tampe Wolfgang Obrecht Open Curtain pneuma sopranosaxsoli REALGAR reFLEXible Airchamber 3+4 Claudio Fasoli Cristiano Calcagnile's Nibiru Ensemble Federico Cumar Francesco Cusa Karmel Iriondo Mario Zara NovoTono ON WAR Pierfrancesco Mucari Shirin Demma The Curvature of Pace Airchamber 3 Crumble Jessica Jones Quartet Word Bill Payne AUZAR Faruq Z. Bey with the Northwoods Improvisers Mike Carey Skeeter Shelton I/O Polytone 3ree Tanake Your Very Eyes Eugenio Sanna Intentions Carsten Radtke Blue Boat Geordie Haley's Sea Of Song Trio Wanderung East Delta Trio Geordie Haley Summer Garden Party A Watched Pot (Never Boils) Andrea Serrapiglio Controlled By Ghosts Jared Smith Geordie Haley's Every Time Band The Green Suite and Other Stories Moe Staiano Moe! Staiano's Moe!Kestra! Guazzaloca Holmberg Samsingen Serrapiglio Kleine Klassiker Bespoken Lorenzo Dal Ri David Kendall Jonathan Zorn Rachel Thompson Ben Stanko Geordie Haley Trio Polar Bears Two's Days / Tuesdays Music is a place one way ticket click Dorine Levine Ed Littman Ashirai Pattern Albuquerque New Mexico Connie Crothers Quintet Outpost Lenny Leibowitz Terra's Ascension Nod Seven Minutes Before The Bombs Drop Kalaparush And The Light The Moment Griot Galaxy Live at the D.I.A. Okie Music Conrète I'm Normal Illàchime Quartet My Heart Still Works 19 Moons Bob Marsh Brett Larner Brian Godchaux Cleveland Plonsey Dan Plonsey Esten Lindgren Hiram Bell Jeff Hobbs Jeff Purmort Joe Sabella Mark Salvatore Michael Zelner Nancy Clarke Ron Heglin Suki O’Kane Music Concrete Set In Our Ways Lullaby For Rosemary Simple Acoustic Trio Crossing Atlas 45° Interzone Jazz Trio Never Never Land Gray Days Pierończyk Bud Tristano Primal Elegance Dillinger Juma Santos The 8th House: Riding with Pluto Wendell Harrison Flower and Song Stefan Dill Eurofonia Leszek Kułakowski Wojtek Groborz Trio Yet Another Bebop Day Habanera Ace Yamashita High Desert Duo Inside The Landscape These Times The Band Only A Mother Could Love Al Faaet Bonefied Trombone Revenge In Chicago Luc Houtkamp Karolina Styła My Favourite Songs Fun City Virg Dzurinko Katharsis Precarious Vehicle Vortex Vertigo We're Really Making Music Now Linda Satin Vocal New Artists Records Sampler Harry Schulz Havin' a ball Orange Trane Fringe Benefits 1977 - 1985 Jon Rose Koo-Koo Bygone Tumbleweeds Tarnation Of Smoke For The Beauty Of The Earth Time Zone Differential Carol Liebowitz Time on my hands Beautemous Everlasting Ready As We'll Ever Be Bob Casanova Just for the Joy of It Lenny Popkin Quartet Session On the spot Music from Everyday Life Derek Bailey Dynamics of the Impromptu John Stevens Words and Stories From the inside out Bob Field Waves Of Blue Intensities Deep into the Center Charley Krachy Madeline Renard Soup Life at the Core Richard Tabnik Quartet Jazz Spring Cameron Brown Carol Tristano In the Moment Everybody got Happy Red Mitchell In Motion Lenny Popkin Solo Journey Greenwich House Dick Twardzik Jack Lawlor Peter Littman Love Energy Phantasmagoria Duo Dimension Max Roach The Riddle of the wooden gun Download Music American Poetry Outlaw Bible Black Ace Tony Scibella Hcolom Press Dave Nielsen Kurt Heyl Jazz Radio Show KUNM Time Zone Differential Bygone Tumbleweeds Tarnation Of Smoke Standing Next To Myself Poetry Band Bill Frisell Terry Rolleri Set In Our Ways The Band Only A Mother Could Love BD Saint-Nazaire Agence Inventive Radio Bar Fratricide Patrice Quélard Roman Eric Dodon La lion est mort ce soir D'entre les morts Daniel Menche Editions Lenka Lente Guillaume Belhomme Agitation frite Philippe Robert Jacques Ponzio Thelonious Monk Franz Kafka Le son du grisli Nantes BILLY & BETTY TWIGGS JAMESON Chainsaw Revenge MUDDIGGER We are shark records Free Will CHARLES GOUNOD CONSPIRACY U-Boot Del Rio Marseilles Punk Midwinter Music Carine Llobet Nathalie Darche Pétrole Jacob Duncan Entropy Stereo Recordings