Rocco Parisi’s Bass Clarinet Quartet | A Tempo, A Modo – Path Tracking Vito Marsico | Amirani Records

This project has been created by the Associazione Libarna Arteventi in collaboration with Amirani Records and Teriyaki Records. Thanks to Serravalle Scrivia municipality, it has also been included in the 2013 edition of Le Storie del Novecento national literary awards. The project is based on the idea that art and culture are not only a source of beauty and aesthetic pleasure, but they are also a way of life. Culture is the way we behave and live, it is harmony in its different forms, education, balance, and personal growth. Music and art are universal languages as well as an integral part of everyone’s life. They are limitless or, to be precise, their only limit is your creativity. They are also a means of promotion for ethics and spirituality. Today more than ever, culture needs to be supported by valorising local cultural individualism. That’s why we want to thank local businesses for sponsoring our project by personally investing in it, despite the difficult economic situation. “Fare cultura” (to “do culture”) also involves increasing public awareness of the arts’ real value and of the fact that they should not be kept hidden behind the walls of a theatre or of a museum. — Iudica Dameri Continue reading