Thomas Borgmann | Wilber Morris | Denis “Jazz” Charles | Live in Poland | Not Two Records

I feel obliged out of journalistic duty to mention that this material being released by Not Two Records will already be familiar to the few who possess “Live in Poland”, a double album vinyl release issued by Italian label Sagittarius A-Star in 2010 (cat. no. #5). These two records document a concert which took place on 9 March 1998 at the Pinokio club in Szczecin. The contents of the Italian and Polish releases are slightly different. All four sides of the Italian release were each comprised of one recording. The first record contained “Nasty & Sweet” in two parts while the second contained “Bird Bats” and “One by One”. On the newly issued silver disc, a slightly shortened version of the complete “Nasty & Sweet” separates the tracks which were previously to be found on the A and B sides of the second Italian LP. — from the Liner notes by Pawel Baranowski. English translation by Philip Palmer Continue reading

Thomas Borgmann | Wilber Morris | Reggie Nicholson | Nasty & Sweet | No Business Records

From the first few notes, it’s apparent that something special is happening on Nasty & Sweet. Perhaps it’s the way bassist Wilber Morris and drummer Reggie Nicholson sound so assured in their placement of the merest splashes of color. Completely unafraid to take their time, creating a powerful tension which isn’t released even when German reedman Thomas Borgmann joins with his breathily majestic tenor saxophone smears. There is a story here. — John Sharpe Continue reading