Konstrukt (feat. Peter Brötzmann | H. Ertunç | D. Doğusel | B. Tan Özemek | Eklisia Sunday | Not Two Records

Eklisia Sunday (Not Two) was recorded near Bodrum, Turkey on May 15 2011, seven months before the Wels festival. The event presumably marked the belated release of a Konstrukt/Brötzmann album, Dolunay (ARES), which they had recorded in 2008. Konstrukt is an Istanbul-based improv group; not one I’ve previously known, although it also collaborated in 2011 both with Marshall Allen and—as documented on the album Live at Akbank Jazz Festival (Re:konstruKt)—Evan Parker. The usual Konstrukt lineup—Korhan Futaci, tenor & soprano saxophones; Umut Çağlar, electric guitar; Özün Usta, double bass, djembe, gong, bells; Korhan Argüden, drums and “old k zildjian cymbals” — here becomes an septet with the addition of Brötzmann (tenor & alto saxophones, clarinet) and additional guests: Hüseyin Ertunç, acoustic piano, küstüfon, gong; and Doğan Doğusel, double bass, küstüfon. An eighth player, Barlas Tan Özemek stands in for Umut Çağlar on the third and longest track. — Dalston Sound Continue reading

Peter Brötzmann | Masahiko Satoh | Takeo Moriyama | Yatagarasu | Not Two Records

Takeo Moriyama – drums | Masahiko Satoh – piano | Peter Brötzmann – alto & tenor saxes, tarogato, B-flat clarinet. Recorded at the Manngha Hall, Krakow, Poland on November 8, 2011 by Rafal Drewniany. Mixed on March 5, 2012 by Peter Brötzmann and Rafal Drewniany at DTS Studio. Produced by Marak Winiarski and Brötzm. Art and design: Brötzm. Photos: Peter GannushkinAll music by Brötzmann/Satoh/Moriyama. FMP-Publishing Continue reading

Peter Brötzmann | Jörg Fischer | Live in Wiesbaden | Not Two Records

Peter Brötzmann – tenor & alto sax, clarinet, tarogato | Jörg Fischer – drums. All music by Peter Brötzmann/Jörg Fischer exept for track 4 by Peter Brötzmann. Recorded during a concert for the Kooperative New Jazz Wiesbaden at the Thalhaus on June 24, 2009. Recording engineer: Uli Böttcher. Mix and mastering: Christian Heck. Photos: P.B. by Günter Schapka (inside), Marek Wajda (back). J.F. by Jean M. Laffitau (inside), Wilfried Heckmann (back). Cover art, typography & layout: Marek Wajda. Continue reading

Joe McPhee | Peter Brötzmann | Kent Kessler | Michael Zerang | The Damage Is Done | Not Two Records

This live date features legendary free jazz pioneers Peter Brötzmann and Joe McPhee, and Chicago’s leading rhythm section, bassist Kent Kessler and drummer Michael Zerang. The four also make up 4/10 of Brötzmann’s Chicago Tentet, maybe the most successful large new music jazz ensemble ever assembled. As they have in the past while touring with the Tentet, they step away and perform in this more intimate lineup. This quartet has released two previous recordings, Tales Out Of Time (hatOLOGY, 2004) and Guts (Okka, 2007), with The Damage Is Done’s two discs recorded live at Alchemia in Krakow, Poland in March of 2008. While the players can (and do) perform volatile energy jazz here, their preference is for music that’s dissectible enough for the players to be distinguished in parts and direction. — Mark Corroto – All About Jazz Continue reading