William Parker | Centering | Unreleased Early Recordings 1976 – 1987 | 6 CD Box Set | No Business Records

This box of music is dedicated to my wife, Patricia. I would also like to thank the producer Danas Mikailionis for his conviction to the project and Ed Hazell for guiding us through these musical memories. I give sincere thanks to all the musicians who made a commitment to the music; those who have passed on to the next life – Billy Bang, Malik Baraka, Denis Charles, Raphe Malik, Jay Oliver, Charles Tyler, Arthur Williams – and those who continue to play and create beautiful music of their own today – Ramsey Ameen, Brenda Bakr, Roy Campbell Jr., Daniel Carter, Ellen Christi, Charles Downs, Charles Gayle, John Hagen, Masahiko Kono, Rozanne Levine, Alex Lodico, Zen Matsuura, John Mingione, Jemeel Moondoc, Lisa Sokolov, Ricardo Strobert, and David S. Ware. — William Parker Continue reading


percaso production was established in 1986 by Swiss saxophonist and composer Christoph Gallio who operates the label singlehandely. percaso production is a “subjective” label not charakterized by certain musical styles, but rather a selection by director’s choice. Quality of musical expression counts; commercial determinans not. percaso production collaborates with visual artists in packaging. Danish graphic designer Anne Hoffmann places the format and image into context making the medium a message as well as the music. percaso production releases are created with utmost loving care. All in all: music produced by and for the audiophile. Continue reading