Nicola Cipani | Klaviermassagen | Seven Solo Piano Recordings | Long Song Records

Pianist Nicola Cipani is one of Long Song’s most acclaimed discoveries. His debut The ill-tempered piano was saluted as “achingly gorgeous, unusual and wonderful” (Signal to noise), “endlessly clever and playful” (DMG), earning praise for the “impressive range of techniques” (The Wire) and “unbounded imagination” (AllAboutJazz), along with an honorable mention for best release of 2008 (AllAboutJazz New York). Cipani’s second solo CD no longer resorts to broken instruments — the piano is now healthy and tuned — but the result is still surprisingly uncharacteristic. These piano-string ‘massages’ unearth layers of new sounds, producing a thrilling landscape of drones, overtones, sympathetic resonances. Cipani manages to organize such magmatic potential into meaningful textures and music evolves as propelled by a reflection on sound itself. Continue reading