Antonio Arnedo | Brian Willson | Dominic Duval | Border Crossing | Not Two Records

Throughout “In a Sentimental Mood” Dominic’s bass keeps a long-flowing, running dialogue with Brian sizzling cymbals and Antonio’s sublime sax. The one original piece is called “Dibujo” by Mr. Arnedo and it is sounds like a slightly twisted dream as it lurks towards a quirky conclusion. The final piece is Trane’s classic “Equinox” and a perfect closing song with some fine, haunting soprano from Antonio. This trio plays together as if they have been playing for many years, which is great considering that this was their first session together. — Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery Continue reading

Joe McPhee | Dominic Duval | Jay Rosen | Mikolaj Trzaska | Magic | Not Two Records

As the 1990s drew to a close McPhee discovered two like-minded improvisers in bassist Dominic Duval and drummer Jay Rosen. The trio premiered at the Vision Jazz Festival, but the concert went unnoticed by the press; McPhee, Duval and Rosen therefore decided that an apt title for the group would be Trio X. A number of Trio X recordings, have since been released on the CIMP and CADENCE JAZZ RECORDS labels, and the band has received favorable critical notice for these, as well as for its live concert and festival appearances. This is the first Trio X album on NotTwo, and it features a special guest – one of the leading European improv music masters — Mikolaj Trzaska. Continue reading

Ivo Perelman | Rosie Hertlein | Dominic Duval | Near to the Wild Heart | Not Two Records

For nearly two decades Brazilian-born and Brooklyn-based saxist Ivo Perelman has been evolving his own path of improvised jazz, playing solo, in duos, trios & quartets with a number of downtown’s best musicians. One of Ivo’s most constant companions is contrabassist Dom Duval who has recorded on perhaps a dozen of Ivo’s previous duo & trio CD’s. Violinist Rosie Hertlein has also recorded and performed with Ivo on occasion and is yet another local talent who has knocked me out whenever I’ve heard her play although she remains beneath the radar screen of recognition. Over the past decade, Ivo has also developed as a painter, helping him to establish himself in a different art scene. His wonderful and evocative works have adorned a number of his recent discs, this one has an especially appropriate cover. Tenor sax, violin and contrabass. An interesting combination which works so well here. The trio continually weave their wares around one another magically, swirling bowed notes with vocal-like sax sounds, ever distinctive, pure and often intense. Rosie has a way of matching Ivo’s middle register just right while Dominic holds the low end down and adds his own depth, warmth and richness. This is a most exciting dialogue that keeps developing, shifting, bending, twisting and coming together time after time. There is a sense of calm at the center of the storm, there is also an aura of mysterious ghosts floating throughout like those Ayler-with-strings moments. There are also those occasional eruptions and well-selected screams which are perfectly shadowed by the strings as they navigate the rapids washing over all three members of this grand trio with one voice. The further out this trio goes, the more they remain in the same orbit circling around one another in balanced, elliptical threads. Beauty is a rare thing and this discs is a rare treat.– Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery Continue reading

Ivo Perelman & Dominic Duval | Nowhere to Hide | Not Two Records

Some pieces are quite jazzy, rhythmic even, but some of the other tracks go deep into uncharted tonal territories, with Duval on arco and Perelman exploring the higher regions of his tenor, as on “Eyes And Pearls”. Some, like “Polish Poles” mix both, starting quite avant-garde, the tune starts gathering rhythmic momentum as it evolves and becomes jazzy. A nice album for those who like adventurous intimacy. — stef, freejazz-stef blogspot Continue reading

Dominic Duval | Songs for Krakow | Not Two Records

Dominic Duval is one of the finest and most prolific bassists on the contemporary scene, having played and recorded with some of the greatest names in jazz and new music. Duval’s continuing tenure with pianist Cecil Taylor’s trio has cemented his reputation as one of contemporary music’s more important figures. Duval is comfortable and can be seen performing in any number of genres, including modern classical, jazz or music which defies classification .The bassist has performed and recorded with such notables as saxophonists Joe McPhee, Ivo Perelman, Glen Spearman, and Mark Whitecage, composer Pauline Oliveros, trombonist Steve Swell, pianists Joseph Scianni and Michael Stevens, trumpeter Herb Robertson, and drummer Paul Lytton, David S. Ware among many others. Duval leads and co-leads a number of ensembles himself, including the critically-acclaimed C.T. String Quartet, Trio X, “The Wedding Band”, and the Dominic Duval String Ensemble. Duval’s solo bass CD, Night Bird Inventions, was a Top 10 pick in the Coda Magazine critics poll, and his String Ensemble CD, State of the Art, was chosen one of the year’s best in the Jazziz Magazine poll. Mr. Duval can be seen on tour through out the United States, Europe, Canada and Asia. Continue reading

Charles Gayle | Dominic Duval | Arkadijus Gotesmanas | Our Souls | Live in Vilnius | No Business Records

Recorded live in June of this year at PIANO.LT in Vilnius, Lithuania, this new limited edition LP on the NoBusiness label will surely please the fans of Charles Gayle, who has now completely switched to alto. Dominic Duval plays bass and Arkadijus Gotesmanas drums, the latter one having taken the initiative for this session that is dedicated to the late Rashied Ali with whom Gayle performed a lot. — Stef Continue reading

Trio X | Joe McPhee | Dominic Duval | Jay Rosen | Live in Vilnius | No Business Records

A fantastic musical performance took place on 27th March 2006 at Vilniaus Congress Hall. Three musical giants – Joe McPhee, Dominic Duval, Jay Rosen (also known as TRIO X) made that evening unforgettable for their fans. Rich, colourful, intense, played almost on a telepathic level, this music is a true masterpiece of this amazing group. NoBusiness Records is proud and happy to announce that this performance has been released as a double limited edition LP. Limited edition High Quality 45 RPM Continue reading

Jimmy Halperin | Dominic Duval | Monk Dreams | No Business Records

Monk Dreams is a new reincarnation of Monk’s tunes arranged and performed by bassist Dominic Duval and saxophonist Jimmy Halperin. Music club Thelonious is happy to present this absolutely “must have” recording. Following “Monkinus” released by CIMP in 2007 the duo once again dives into Monk’s music to reach extreme depths. Additionally for our music club this is a signature release. Continue reading