Jacek Kochan | Joe Fonda | Franz Hautzinger | Tellef Ogrim | musicConspiracy | Do I The In? | Not Two Records

This was recorded live at Alchemia in Cracow in September of 2007 and has excellent sound. I had not heard of Polish drum wiz, Jacek Kochan, before we got a half dozen discs of his from Not Two & Gowi. After reviewing a few of them I was impressed with his playing, arranging and the varied personnel on each disc. This new disc also has an inspired line-up of musicians from Austria (FH), Norway (TO), Poland (JK) and the US (JF). Each player has contributed two pieces as well as three great groups improvisations. Starting with Joe Fonda’s “Song for My Mother”, the rhythm team hits their stride quickly with some twisted fretless guitar and Miles-like electric trumpet up front. What is great here is how well the guitar and electric trumpet play together and sound similar. On “Golden Angel”, the bowed bass, el. guitar and mutant trumpet seem to complete each other’s line as they swerve around one another and bend their notes close. The band swings hard on “Feed the Hamster” with Franz taking that great Electric Miles-like tone and squeezing it higher. The ever-incredible Joe Fonda sounds splendid throughout as his bass buzzes underneath all of the action, creating a tight connection with Jacek’s uplifting drums. All four of these musicians are play wonderfully throughout, exchanging ideas, tossing riffs back and forth and consistently surprising us with their tight, interconnected tapestry. Another outstanding disc from the folks at Not Two. — Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery Continue reading