Paul Baylis | Jon Howard | Stuart McCallum

This meeting of this Manchester England based improvised music trio centres on 3 improvisations recorded during the summer of 2010. Most Interestingly,while these 3 excursions consist of a hair over an hour of extended works,the first 2 cuts “Forth” and Osiris Slain clock in at almost 30 minutes each. While these players may be unknown to most,the members have played with quite a few British talents like John Stevens, Dudu Pukwana, Cinematic Orchestra and Tim Garland as well as select meetings with other international names. For the most part, the performances are slowly unfolding dramas that make the most of spacious surroundings and a dreamy sonic landscape. Though mellow,this is vibrant music of beauty filled with gentle melodies that are often sparked by Baylis alto. — Jay Collins Cadence Magazine Ap,May,June 2011 Continue reading