Jim McAuley | Gongfarmer 36 | Long Song Records

These ten tracks were compiled from live performances, home practice tapes, alternate takes from my previous solo album and more recent studio recordings. With the exception of “Saltarello” (a Reneissance dance tune by Vincenzo Galilei), all the music is improvised. Some are totally spontaneous (like “Una Lunga Canzone”), others are loosely structured around invented tunings and short melodic ideas (like “nika’s Waltz”). No editing, overdubbing, or electronic enhancements were employed — just acoustic guitars plus some accessories (slides, picks, capos, tuning forks etc.) used as implements or for “preparations”. This project was a joyful experience for me due to the involvement of some truly remarkable and creative friends: Scott, Kio, David, Steve, and of course the ever-enthusiastic end endlessly patient Fabrizio. This album would never have happened without their generous contributions. Special thanks as well to nika, Mary McQueen and Nels Cline whose loving support continue to inspire and sustain my musical life. — Jim McAuley Continue reading

Rod Poole | Jim McAuley | Nels Cline | Acoustic Guitar Trio | Vignes | Long Song Records

This is one of many recordings that Rod Poole made documenting this trio’s concert work. Tragically, Rod was murdered in 2007. But after reviewing his recordings during our concertizing days, we had collectively selected and sequenced pieces from this perfomance at the Downtown Playhouse and arrived at the title “Vignes”, which is the name of the street in Downtown Los Angeles where the space is located. It is a blessing to see this music finally released. This document is dedicated with love to the memory of our brilliant comrade, Rod Poole.Nels, Jim – Los Angeles, November 2008 Continue reading