Big Hammer No. 5 | Iniquity Press

William Carlos Williams wrote of Alfred Kreymborg: “Crude symbolism is to associate emotions with natural phenomena such as anger with lightning, flowers with love it goes further and associates certain textures with. Such work is empty. It is typical of almost all that is done by the writers who fill the pages every month of such a paper as. Everything that I have done in the past – except those parts which may be called excellent – by chance, have that quality about them. It is typified by use of the word “like” or that “evocation” of the “image” which served us for a time. Its abuse is apparent. The insignificant “image” ma be “evoked” never so ably and still mean nothing. With all his faults Alfred Kreymborg never did this. That is why his work – escaping a common fault – still has value and will tomorrow have more (Spring and All).” Continue reading

Michael Pingarron | Bits of Birth | Iniquity Press

Poems by Michael Pingarron Iniquity Press / Vendetta Books. Introduction by David Cope. Dedicated to David Cope, my first major ear, and Bertha Sanchez, my love and wife. Bits of Birth copyright 1990 by Michael Pingarron. ISBN -1-877968-01-3. Cover photo by Sharon Guynup. Thanks to the editors of the following magazines where some of these poems first appeared: Ball Peen, Big Hammer, Big Scream, Black Swan Review, Lactuca, Linden Lane, Nada Poems, Passaic Review, Some, St. Mark’s Poetry Project Newsletter. Continue reading