Eric Zinman | Kilian Schrader | Mario Rechtern | Johannes Krebs | Devototionalien | Not Two Records

The ensemble is the lifeblood of our choices. We learn together. Hey baby your band is so cool they play so far Ooooooouuuuuuut…. no in no in, all very out. What got you into the music scene when it was clean you dig and now you’re all dirty and jive? It was all because of that flying saucer. They picked us up at Celeste. They got us a gig on Mars, called us head generals and booked us in the stars. The moons were dripping down like sliced melons, what a little moonlight can do with that strange speech you make on that thing. My five year old daughter can play better than that. Where are you guys from? They say we will never play here, so we go there, just like children. Why don’t you just stay in church and sing gospel? Cuz all I ask of living is to feel some life in you baby. Romeo pouncing on Juliet (and they both come from good families!?!?!) hot wet teenage seals, their bodies crashing like the sea, in rapture of wind, trees, forests and animals surviving by their wit, their vision looking out like spirit guides, playing in the sand along the shore. We are vagabonds staying up night after night to sing that beast into a trance in it’s corporate austerity bleeding sympathy. What’s your sign baby? Hey honey, I’ve got an elephant at home. Maybe your god can meet my god sometime. — Eric Zinman Continue reading