Pete Robbins’s Unnamed Quartet | Live in Brooklyn | Not Two Records

The experience of playing completely improvised music can completely run the gamut. When the performance isn’t working Ifor reasons that are only somewhat predictable), there are few situations that are more uncomfortable and less enjoyable. But when the music really IS working, ifs a feeling of privilege and of pleasure that can otherwise be hard to come by. Particularly in New York, musical collaborations come and go all the time, and often their longevity or the frequency with which they showcase their work don’t necessarily correspond to how compelling the music might be. The group heard on this recording had only performed a handful of times (and only in front of a handful of people) when this concert was documented. But the fact that I felt moved to have this gig recorded is testament to the special nature of this lineup of musicians. It is truly rare to stumble upon a group where each of us can be so comfortable being both active and re-active, primary and complementary. This is a function of the respect that each of us has for one another as creative agents, sponges for sonic information, and partners in crime. I hope the music is as enjoyable to listen to as it was to create. — Pete Robbins Continue reading