Blaise Siwula | Dom Minasi | Nobu Stowe | Ray Sage | New York Moments

Following the recording session on September 4th 2005 which produced the Konnex Records release “BLAISE SIWULA, NOBU STOWE & RAY SAGE – Brooklyn Moments” (KCD 5177), Blaise, Ray and I decided to keep the trio as a regular-working unit. Mostly due to the distance between NYC (Blaise & Ray) and Baltimore (myself), we had to wait awhile to perform together again. The chance came when we had a gig at Kavehaz in the Chelsea district of Manhattan almost four months after. For this gig, we were joined by two guest musicians: the Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time guitarist, Bern Nix, and the up-and-coming viola player, Robyn Siwula. — Nobu Stowe Continue reading