Gianni Mimmo | Harri Sjöström | Live at Bauchhund Berlin 2010 | Amirani Records

The soprano saxophone is an unsafe place. Here two musicians devoted to the “fish horn” in an intriguing sound mirror play. Transparence and flexibility of this rare formula rapresent the first nucleus of a reciprocal discover, a distance suddenly dialogic and without hiding possibility. It’s a dance, ovelapping different and close identities, where the inner voices catch themselves, giving room to a new narration, easy and complex at the same time, and to an expressive push. Deeply explored here, the soprano sax shows still a surprising modernity, a plastic psossibility, a great elegance and a more phisycal, direct sometimes violent side. Both pupils of the modern soprano sax master Steve Lacy, but with different derivations, Harri Sjöström and Gianni Mimmo are considered among the most interesting sound declinations of the soprano saxophone. Lyrical, ispired, harsh and warm at the same time they are performers with a personal style, great skills and sensitive feelings. Continue reading