Arek Skolik Checkmate Quintet | Mirror Gambit | Not Two Records

Why Jazz? Is it still worth listening to in today’s world? Yes, especially today! Not only is it worth listening to, it should be! Not instead of, but in addition to other good music. Only then will that, which is so important in Jazz for today’s listeners, come to the foreground and become clear. And what is it that’s so important to us in today’s Jazz? Everything that Jazz is, but mainly the way this music is created – it’s probably the only kind of music that is still improvised. The theme and improvisations, each member of the band playing solo and together – this is the kind of Jazz we want. Everyone, musicians and audience alike, awaits the solos, when each soloist has the opportunity and the freedom for self-expression – unconstrained performance of his own interpretation of the theme which doesn’t disrupt, but adds to the cohesion of the music. — Marek Gachowski Continue reading