Christian Winther & Christian Meaas Svendsen | M/W | Va Fongool Records

M/W is a double-solo-CD by the two great Norwegian musicians Christian Winther (Guitar) and Christian Meaas Svendsen (double bass). Both spinning out of the creative environment around the Music Academy in Oslo the two musicians has been noticed in the world of improvised music from several of their other projects the last years, like ICH BIN N!NTENDO, Mopti, Mokey Plot, KNYST!, Karokh, Duplex, Mummu, Aksiom, Unbird and others, making them some of the busiest musicians in the scene. M/W is the debut as solo artists for both musicians. It is a result of years of experimenting and finding their own sound, and it really shows what they are capable of with their instruments. Mesmerizing repetitive sounds meets new way of thinking about traditional instruments, leaving the listener with a feeling of experiencing something truly unique and new. Continue reading