Oluyemi Thomas | Ijeoma Thomas | Michael Bisio | Kenn Thomas | Positive Knowledge – Edgefest Edition | Not Two Records

Oluyemi Thomas – bass, musette, flute, soprano, percussion | Ijeoma Thomas – voice , percussion | Michael Bisio – bass | Kenn Thomas – piano. Compositions by Ijeoma & Oluyemi Thomas (OLUIJEO UNIT MUSIC, ASCAP), Michael Bisio (AMB MUSIC, ASCAP), Kenn Thomas. Recorded by Oluyemi Thomas at Edgefest / Kerrytown Concert House, Ann Arbor, MI, October 15, 2009. Mixed and mastered September 2010 by Rafal Drewniany (DTS Studio). Cover photo by Oluyemi Thomas. Inside photos by Marc Andren. Layout by Andrzej Wojnowski. Continue reading

Oluyemi Thomas | Kenn Thomas | Eugene Wilson IV | Howard Byrdsong | Nigeria | Not Two Records

Encouraged by the recent strong releases on the Polish Not Two label, I took a deeper look in their catalogue and came across this album, led by Oluyemi Thomas on bass clarinet and musette, with Kenn Thomas on piano and synthesizer, Eugene Wilson IV on fretless electric bass and Howard Byrdsong on drums. And this record is unusual, if only because it’s rare to find free jazz albums with both synthesizer and fretless bass. OK, David S. Ware has done experiments with synth and so did Joe McPhee, but the use here is more sparse, more functional, less intrusive. The album is a kind of suite, without pauses between the tracks, reinforcing the very strong musical unity, and an incredible raw poetic power.–Stef Continue reading