Biggi Vinkeloe | Mark Weaver | Damon Smith | Desert Sweets | Plutonium Records

This is a band worthy of attention. They tap into the rich improvising tradition of exploration and offer superior sonic results. There are 22 tracks on this CD, all with examples of outstanding technical virtuosity and dazzling musical moments. Anyone familiar with numerology knows that 22 is a special number. It is one of the master numbers (along with 11) that represent the master cosmic vibrations in the universe, and signify a highly enlightened experience beyond the range of human understanding. The listening experience offered here is certainly one that stretches beyond our previous improvising understandings as listeners. This is a sonic journey that travels through some fascinating and beautiful new improvised terrain and offers a totally unique and rewarding listening experience. Enjoy the ride. —Adam Lane, new york/oakland, feburary 2002 Continue reading