Kris Wanders – Mani Neumeier Quintet | Taken by Surprise | Not Two Records

During the mid-to-late 1960’s future Guru Guru drummer (Mani Neumeier) and tenor saxist (Kim Wanders) played together in the Peter Brotzmann Quintet and in an early version of the Globe Unity Orchestra. Since that time, Mr. Wanders moved to Australia where he still lives and Mr. Neumeier went on to form Guru Guru and collaborate with members of Acid Mothers Temple and Kazuhisa Uchihashi. Now, more than forty years later Mr. Wanders and Mr. Neumeier have gotten back together and put together an extraordinary quintet of mostly lesser known Australian musicians. — Bruce Lee Gallanter Continue reading

The Kris Wanders Outfit | In Remembrance of the Human Race | Not Two Records

Some of the musicians that were associated with Kris Wanders over the years he has been active, playing free form jazz and improvised music, include the following: Charles Hurdak (tp Hungary) Willem Breuker (reeds NL) Peter Brötzmann (reeds Germany) Claude Deron (tp Belgium) Alexander von Schlippenbach (pi Germany Globe Unity Orchestra in 1966/1967.) Fred van Hove (pi Belgium) Kees Hazevoet (pi NL) Arjen Gorter (Bass Nl) Louis Moholo (Drums, South Africa) Willem Van Manen (tb NL), Peter Kowald (bass Germany) Stu Martin (drums USA) Han Bennink (Drums NL). Nicole vanden Plas (piano Belgium) Jan vanden Plas (cello Belgium) Radu Malfatti (Tb Austria), Gunther Hampel (vib Germany), Irene Schweitzer (pi Swiss), Paul Lovens(drums Germany), Michel Pilz(bscl Luxembourg), Edgar Bateman (drums USA) Mani Neumeier (Drums Swiss), Maartin Van Duynhoven (drums NL), Mongezi Feza (tp (South Africa) Calyer Duncan (drums USA) Joost Buis (tb NL) Felicity Provan (tp NL) Nico Schauble (drums Germany) Gerd Dudek (ts Germany) Manfred Schoof (tp Germany), Albert Mangelsdorff (tb Germany), Buschi Niebergall (bass Germany), Sven-Åke Johansson (drums Sweden) Johannes Bauer (tb Germany) & more. Continue reading