Andreas Wildhagen | Kjetil Jerve | Henrik Munkeby Norstebo | Lana trio | Va Fongool Records

Lana trio is an experimental ensemble for the exploration of historic, non-ideomatic improvisation. Andreas, Henrik and Kjetil started playing together quickly after meeting at Sund Folk College in 2007, and extensively explored how musical parametres like density, speed, duration and volume could be stretched in order to create different possibilities for musical interplay. The trio have worked both with graphical notation and so called free improvisation, and plays music that draws inspiration from a wide variety of genres. The members of Lana trio are already experienced musicians, active in bands like Mopti, Einer, Skadedyr, Orter eparg and As deafness increases. Together or seperately they have played concerts around Europe in countries like England, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Czech republic, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, and taken part in longer study trips to New york and The Gambia. The trio did a small Scandinavian tour in 2009, followed by a longer period with little activity due to geographical challenges. 2013 will bring new life to the band, with the release of the long-awaited debut recording and concerts in Norway and around Europe. Continue reading