EA Silence | Cono di Ombra e Luce | Amirani Records

EA Silence trio crosses dramatic soundscapes, outfiltering a nitid, spherical, dense matter. Whispering shadows gently flowing in the hidden dark space of an ancient synagogue. A morphing thunder pushed by acoustical swords, generating long distance waves and slow, inexorable tides. A stunning contemporary work deeply conceived to get perfect sounding ideas, dancing with the space around. Continue reading

ElectroAcousticSilence | Flatime | Amirani Records

Second excellent work for ElectroAcousticalSilence on Amirani, here is an awesome sound investigation, with lyrical flights in a contemporary atmosphere and sudden perspective changes in depth, space, drama and warmth.Pisani’s bassoon poetry and Cosottini fluegelhorn sweetness find in Taketo Gohara‘s sound design a new teathrical dimension and a vertigo delight, excellently sustained and pushed by the groovy dash of Pedol’s grounding bass and the Melani’s refined drums. Continue reading