Zlatko Kaucic Trio | Stefano Battaglia | Paolino dalla Porta | December Soul | Not Two Records

ZLATKO KAUCIC has been known to take household items and turn them into percussive instruments incorporating them into his music, experimenting with the sound they make and the sharpness and clarity of their timbres. This is also a point made by one of his most memorable fans Jakob, a ten year old boy, who attended Zlatko’s concert in Nova Gorica and said loudly to his father in the middle of the show, “Look what Zlatko is playing, some funny home-made instrument.” Provocative, thoughtful, spellbinding, and always original and contemporary, Zlatko Kaucic’s compositions have inspired collective improvisations in his native Slovenia and abroad for over thirty years, celebrating this achievement with his 2009 recording 30th Anniversary Concerts. His sonic contributions, experimental sounds and concepts can be found on 24 recordings combining his solo efforts and collaborative offerings.– SUSAN FRANCES Continue reading