Francine Witte | First Rain

Francine Witte. Winner of the 2009 Pecan Grove Press National Chapbook Competition. Copyright C 2009 by Francine Witte. All Rights reserved. Cover art: “Shreds of Blue”, Copyright C 2009 by Pecan Grove Press. ISBN: 1-978-931247-61-0. Pecan Grove Press, Box AL, 1 Camino Santa Maria, San Antonio, TX 78022 Continue reading

Francine Witte | The Wind Twirls Everything

This is one of those small press books probably desktop-published, with two staples holding about 47 pages together, cover/cover art incredibly simple yet effective, the pages sticking out, poorly cut…something you might pass up in a bookstore where a handful of copies were probably left by the author on consignment. If you look inside, you’ll find an impressive list of acknowledgements in literary journals and online publications. Always a good sign: serious writer-at-work here. Especially the asterisk noting: “nominated for a Pushcart Prize.” (I’m still old-fashioned enough in the literary game to know that this stuff matters—or should, in a day, a time of ‘anybodycanwriteanythingandpublish it (print-by-demand) andbeawriter. Maybe. — Norbert Blei Continue reading