Bartłomiej Brat Oleś | Free Drum Suite | Not Two Records

With an eerie lead in Oles goes off, sometimes so quiet you forgot he was there. Shortly after you turn the volume up, Oles is blasting through your speakers. He shows a great sense of timing here; not just playing in a certain tempo, but timing when he is going to beat his drums or when he is going to softly lay out a rhythm. You’re bound to be entranced by his songs as they go from mild to wild and explore a full palette of bells, bamboo sticks and even birds. This record puts out a great vibe, like your stereo has got a mind of its own and painted a surreal soundscape. — AllAboutJazz Continue reading

David Murray feat. Marcin Oleś & Bartłomiej Brat Oleś | Circles – Live in Cracow | Not Two Records

David Murray is of course one of the more important tenor saxophonists of his era – or make that any era. Judging by his extensive discography, he is ready to collaborate or engage in almost any musical project. Never one to rest on his many accomplishments, any recording with Murray is worth investigating. This release is no exception, although certainly it would not be the best place to begin one’s Murray research. For this collaboration, Murray connects with two brothers, bassist Marcin and drummer Bartlomiej Brat Oles, during a special concert with “Poland’s finest rhythm section”. This live show was recorded in Cracow as part of a festival and, as the liners state, Murray was throughly on board with this partnership, despite the fact that there apparently wasn’t much rehearsal time. As a result, many of the compositions present space for a blowing session of sorts, with modal vampsbeing the vehicle for the group’s interaction. Fortunately, Murray and the brothers sound like they enjoy one another’s company, with the brothers working as full partners whether out in front or in support mode. — Jay Collins Continue reading

Ken Vandermark | Marcin Oles | Bartlomiej Brat Oles | Ideas | Not Two Records

Our first contact with Ken Vandermark was just a handshake – at one of the concerts in Poland of the DKV formation. Marek Winiarski, the boss of NotTwo Records, introduced us to each other. Some time passed until we had the chance to play together for the first time. When the Vandermark Five gave a concert, at the Cracow music club Alchemia,we got together after and jammed. The idea of recording an album together was with us before the evening had ended. We had prepared original compositions for the recording session, but we talked before going into the studio, and after Ken Vandermark’s suggest we decided for the recording to be one of the free improvisation. We normally work in different musical fields and despite that, or maybe just because of that, every meeting like this brings about a new experience, even a kind of journey into the unknown… Marcin & Bartlomiej Brat Oles (album’s original linear notes) Continue reading

Oleś | Mahall | Tiberian | Oleś | Contemporary Quartet | Not Two Records

We give you a CD that is a product of our thoughts, fascinations, and several months’ hard work. The material included on it is a selection of compositions by Polish 20th-century contemporary composers, from the early post-war years up to the present hence the names Grazyna Bacewicz, Stefan Kisieleswski, Marzena Komsta, Witold Lutoslawski, and Krzysztof Penderecki show up here, as do pieces from various periods of their creativity. The choice of these, as opposed to other compositions was influenced in equal measure by our tastes/our bent towards chamber, music, as well as prosaic factors such as availabilifty of scores. All compositions on the CD used what is known as classical notation, which was our choice. We applied available contemporary compositional techniques, however, in the construction, or definition, of the form of improvisation. Despite the fact that our primary inspiration was that of the themes of the original compositions, it was in the forms of the respective pieces that we sought variation, while maintaining an affinity with 20th-century contemporary music. Thanks to the fact that it was possible to invite such outstanding improvisers as Rudi Mahall and Mircea Tiberian to participate, we were largely successful in achieving this. — Marcin & Bartlomiej “Brat” Oles Continue reading