New Artists Records

Connie Crothers reorganized in 1987 the New Artists label as a cooperative record company. She has participated in the expansion of this label to include an extensive catalog of CDs, all expressive of the company’s premise and label identity — improvised original music. New Artists Records was featured in the July 2000 Issue of Jazz Times. Connie Crothers appeared at Birdland, New York City, when the club featured the record label with performances by the artist-producers on April 5, 2000. Birdland presented the label on seven consecutive Saturday afternoon performances in May-June 2000; she performed with her quartet featuring singers Linda Satin and Harry Schulz. Birdland will present the label once weekly starting September 2000. Continue reading

Bud Tristano | Connie Crothers | Primal Elegance | NA1038

The contrasting tonality of these two musicians characterizes the performance. Tristano’s playing concentrates on rapid-fire combustion using upper-register ignition, and Crothers’ pronouncements linger at subterranean levels. The sound swells to a common ground of excitement where each artist finds order in the union. This duet is a highly stimulating experience where two opposing forces meet on a battlefield and resolve the conflict with their unifying communicative skills. Although heavy in heart, this match is an uplifting example of creative improvised art.” — Frank Rubolino, One Final Note, Spring 2002 Continue reading

Notes from New York | a New Artists Record Sampler | NA1034

“NOTES FROM NEW YORK” is a sampler of the New Artists’ catalog, not so much a “greatest hits” collection, as an overview that features virtually all the talented musicians that have recorded for the label. Each of the performances rewards repeated listenings… This independent label’s future looks quite bright as it continues to infuse jazz with feeling, creativity, and fresh ideas.” — Scott Yanow, Editor, All Music Guide To Jazz. Continue reading