William Hooker | LIGHT | The Early Years 1975-1989 | No Business Records

Light Box: Conception of William Hooker Don’t tell him he plays loud. He learned about music and his instrument playing within a tradition that straddles R&B and jazz. That tradition congeals in the smoothly accessible, yet sonically forceful music of the organ trios of the mid-sixties and it demanded amplitude. “An organ is powerful— a Hammond B3 with a Leslie tone cabinet. That’s a six foot cabinet. It’s got that swirly thing inside and you have to play with a certain amount of power,” — Thomas Stanley Continue reading

Will Guthrie | Solo – Sticks, Stones & Breaking Bones

The hardest thing in the world is to have an original idea. As much as creative musicians hate to admit, free improv/experimental/underground (and all other useless adjectival identifiers) music now has as many stylistic tropes as your standard 19th century symphony: the endless variations on white noise, the orgiastic free ensemble climaxes, reassuring bass drones, “brutality”, all of which point to performance, not playing. Musicians cling to the next solution that the media spotlights, as if consensus actually ever helped anything in art. — Anthony Pateras Continue reading

Otzir Godot

Drum-artist Otzir Godot dives to the improvising worlds of sounds, rhytms and words. The narration of the his lyrical-orchestration drumwork is a far reaching project to the problematics of esthetics sublim: to the semantics, feelings and visions beyond the words. Godot works with solo projects and in different duo-and trio environments. Drum-artist Otzir Godot has received classical education in percussion. However his main aim is to expand the creative possibilities of the drum set. Improvising has always been the key word to Godot’s world. The path has gone from classical music trough various rock bands, world music and jazz towards to free areas of expression. Together with drums, marimba, gongs and ethnic percussion he provides lyrical landscapes of sounds, rhytms and words. In recent years Godot has been in close co-operation with modern dance professionals and theatre work. Nowadays Godot is deeply involved with trio KAN together with butoh dancer Aki Suzuki and shakuhachi / khaen mouth organ player Jone Takamäki as well as free improvising band ZOGA with violin player Mikko-Ville Luolajan-Mikkola and singer Reija Lang. Continue reading

Kevin Frenette

Featuring Kevin Frenette on guitar Andy McWain on piano, Todd Keating on bass and Tatsuya Nakatani on drums. I am previously familiar with just 2 members of this quartet. Boston pianist, Andy McWain, has had a couple of strong discs on this same label, a quartet date with Assif Tsahar and a trio with Albey Balgochian & Lawrence Cook that I reviewed. Former Boston-based percussion wiz, Tatsuya Nakatani, remains one of the best and most distinctive of all improvising drummers and moved to Pennsylvania a couple of years back. Although Kevin has nice round jazz guitar tone, his playing is quite free and focused. Both he and pianist, Andy McWain, have a special relationship as they swirl layers of notes around one another with a magical connection. The other magic is the way the acoustic bass and drums also swirl freely at an astonishing pace that is sparse and well-connected simultaneously. It is as is there are two incredible duos playing at the same time yet they are subliminally always connected. — Bruce Lee Gallanter Continue reading