RD Armstrong | El Pagano And Other Twisted Tales | Lummox Press | E-Book

As a poet, I had no qualms about sharing my work with anyone who would listen, but I was much more cautious about sharing my stories. Perhaps this is because, in the beginning, I wrote about what was most prominent in my mind: sex. Except for the last story in this collection I really haven’t included any of the original “blue” stories that got me going, so to speak. Eventually, I settled down and began to write stories instead of sexcapades. Perhaps, someday, I’ll publish these blue stories, though I’m beginning to think that life is already pornographic enough… As to the title of this collection, the term El Pagano is a Spanish pun used by Gypsy performers. Literally it means The Pagan, or non-believer; but it can also mean The One Who Pays. — RD Armstrong Continue reading