Jeff Platz | Daniel Carter | Francois Grillot | Federico Ughi | Past & Present Futures | Glitch Records

PAST & PRESENT FUTURESThe future of improvised music, and or, for lack of a better term “modern jazz”, continues to thrive and evolve. To spite the drawbacks, lack of venues, media support etc, the music just keeps moving forward with a new generation of players carrying on the tradition of freely improvised music. The past meets the present and the future can only hold an even higher quality of musical interpretation and concepts. Past & Present Futures was recorded on a fall afternoon just outside of New York City. This was my first time meeting and playing with bassist Francois Grillot and drummer Federico Ughi. Multi reeds player, trumpeter Daniel Carter and I have recorded and played together several time over the years. The music and ideas flowed naturally. After a long and productive evening of playing the group walked away with several hours of recorded music. We were ail happy with the outcome and felt that some cohesive playing and improvising had been accomplished. After much consideration we selected here what I feel are the highlights of the session. I hope you enjoy the recording as much as well all enjoyed the project. Many thanks again for listening! —Jeff Platz Continue reading

Daniel Carter | Alberto Fiori | Tom Abbs | Federico Ughi | Perfect Blue | Not Two Records

Daniel Carter – alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet | Alberto Fiori – piano | Tom Abbs – bass | Federico Ughi – drums. Recorded on December 2, 2008 at Park West Studios, Brooklyn, NY by Jim Clouse. Edited by Alberto Fiori. Mixed and mastered on May 8, 2009 at ARTESOUND RECORDING STUDIO, Cavalicco, Udine, Italy, by Stefano Amerio. Produced by Alberto Fiori. Quartet photo by Alberto Fiori. Layout by Marek Wajda. All music by D. Carter / A. Fiori / T. Abbs / F. Ughi except # 1/3/5 by D. Carter / A. Fiori Continue reading