Adam Caine Trio | Thousandfold | No Business Records

Adam Caine is a guitarist, improvisor and composer. Adam fronts the Adam Caine Trio with Tom Blancarte and John Wagner and the Adam Caine Quartet with Nick Lyons, Adam Lane and John Wagner. Adam also plays in Johnny Butler’s Scurvy and Eric Eigner’s Mysterium. Adam grew up in Rochester, New York and studied music at the University of Rochester. Since 2000 he has lived in Brooklyn, New York and has played in New York City and throughout the United States. Adam has performed with Connie Crothers, Paul Smoker, Daniel Carter, Ken Filiano, Phil Haynes, Glen Branca, Haale, and the New York Soundpainting Ensemble. Adam’s 2005 CD, “PIPE,” received rave reviews in the Wire, Cadence, and All About Jazz. In 2008, Adam was awarded a grant from the Brooklyn Arts council for an improvised performance with visual artist Marjan Moghaddam. As a composer for video art, Adam’s music has been featured in over 20 international festivals since 2006. Continue reading

Trio X | Joe McPhee | Dominic Duval | Jay Rosen | Live in Vilnius | No Business Records

A fantastic musical performance took place on 27th March 2006 at Vilniaus Congress Hall. Three musical giants – Joe McPhee, Dominic Duval, Jay Rosen (also known as TRIO X) made that evening unforgettable for their fans. Rich, colourful, intense, played almost on a telepathic level, this music is a true masterpiece of this amazing group. NoBusiness Records is proud and happy to announce that this performance has been released as a double limited edition LP. Limited edition High Quality 45 RPM Continue reading

Jimmy Halperin | Dominic Duval | Monk Dreams | No Business Records

Monk Dreams is a new reincarnation of Monk’s tunes arranged and performed by bassist Dominic Duval and saxophonist Jimmy Halperin. Music club Thelonious is happy to present this absolutely “must have” recording. Following “Monkinus” released by CIMP in 2007 the duo once again dives into Monk’s music to reach extreme depths. Additionally for our music club this is a signature release. Continue reading

Otzir Godot

Drum-artist Otzir Godot dives to the improvising worlds of sounds, rhytms and words. The narration of the his lyrical-orchestration drumwork is a far reaching project to the problematics of esthetics sublim: to the semantics, feelings and visions beyond the words. Godot works with solo projects and in different duo-and trio environments. Drum-artist Otzir Godot has received classical education in percussion. However his main aim is to expand the creative possibilities of the drum set. Improvising has always been the key word to Godot’s world. The path has gone from classical music trough various rock bands, world music and jazz towards to free areas of expression. Together with drums, marimba, gongs and ethnic percussion he provides lyrical landscapes of sounds, rhytms and words. In recent years Godot has been in close co-operation with modern dance professionals and theatre work. Nowadays Godot is deeply involved with trio KAN together with butoh dancer Aki Suzuki and shakuhachi / khaen mouth organ player Jone Takamäki as well as free improvising band ZOGA with violin player Mikko-Ville Luolajan-Mikkola and singer Reija Lang. Continue reading