Udu Calls Trio feat. William Parker | The Vancouver Tapes | Long Song Records

A lost and found gem documenting the first meeting ever of two Italian avant jazz masters with the NY jazz bass giant. Totally live and improvised! Tiziano Tononi says: “Rockin’ the Vaults…sometimes you know, sometimes you don’t, what you find may become a great deal of a surprise, and this time we found out something very unusual like a mini-disc recording!!! What’s that? I’m pretty sure some people don’t even know what a mini disc was, anyway the music contained herein still sounded fresh and surprising after a few years, so I say to myself “why not?”, and here we are! Years after the Long Song Record “Smoke Inside” we got the smokin’ side of a joyful, powerful and subtle trio of characters, praising the Gods of music and improvisation through instruments tuned on a common language, burning, that night in Vancouver, the wall/bridges of the distance from Milano to New York. Continue reading

Laboule | Refugio | Long Song Records

to Sonia… This album was recorded under the mountain dew among the Alps, on the side of Mount Grona, with an acoustic guitar and a few other instruments. Refugio is a quest in the intersection of two mountain chains, the disclosure of an ancient, dusty and seaside soundscape where it’s possible to discover the necessary asylum to grow and find a precious refuge for melancholy. Continue reading

Elliott Sharp | Haptikon | Long Song Records

Haptikon is a set of very-electric-guitar pieces accompanied by computer. Haptikon may be heard as an outgrowth of E#’s Tectonics project. Where Tectonics was a form of psychedelic noise jungle techno played on both saxophones and guitars interacting electronically with computerized grooves and processing, with Haptikon, the focus is on a more melodic and lyrical approach. E# pays homage to improvised traditions in jazz, blues, rock, Indian music, and even country & western! The results are cinematic in scope and give the feeling of a full band. Sharp’s virtuosity on guitar and originality as a composer are in full evidence on Haptikon. Continue reading

Jim McAuley | Gongfarmer 36 | Long Song Records

These ten tracks were compiled from live performances, home practice tapes, alternate takes from my previous solo album and more recent studio recordings. With the exception of “Saltarello” (a Reneissance dance tune by Vincenzo Galilei), all the music is improvised. Some are totally spontaneous (like “Una Lunga Canzone”), others are loosely structured around invented tunings and short melodic ideas (like “nika’s Waltz”). No editing, overdubbing, or electronic enhancements were employed — just acoustic guitars plus some accessories (slides, picks, capos, tuning forks etc.) used as implements or for “preparations”. This project was a joyful experience for me due to the involvement of some truly remarkable and creative friends: Scott, Kio, David, Steve, and of course the ever-enthusiastic end endlessly patient Fabrizio. This album would never have happened without their generous contributions. Special thanks as well to nika, Mary McQueen and Nels Cline whose loving support continue to inspire and sustain my musical life. — Jim McAuley Continue reading