Correction with Mats Gustafsson | Shift | No Business Records

The inmates riot in the House of Correction. The girls who put up postcards in London telephone boxes – are telephone boxes used for anything else now? – offer correction among other delights. The ticker-tape in newspaper offices – also not much used now – hesitates on a story, flags CORRECTION, and adjusts the casualty figures up or down. We know what the word means, and what it means is somewhere on the pleasure/pain divide, somewhere between sticking to and breaking the rules, some measure of restraint coupled to a throwing over of all restraint. — Brian Morton Continue reading

Christian Skår Winther | Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard | Joakim Heibø Johansen | Mats Gustafsson | Ich Bin Nintendo & Mats Gustafsson | Va Fongool Records

The three wildlings in ICH BIN N!NTENDO trooped up with The Thing’s critically acclaimed saxophone player, Mats Gustafsson, on their debute album released in october, 2012. Recording it during a live gig in Oslo, they managed to fully absorb the ultimate scolding energy of trembling musicians the album deserved and would not get from any studio. To fulfill the noise-soundscape to this record, Lasse Marhaug mixed and mastered it to perfection. ICH BIN N!NTENDO is a purely improvised trio and can be compared to bands like The Ex and the more experimental releases from ZU. Though, in the company with Mats Gustafsson, the closest comparison would be, if anything, the Original Silence recordings. Continue reading

TARFALA TRIO | Mats Gustafsson | Barry Guy | Raymond Strid | SYZYGY | No Business Records

The TARFALA TRIO has its roots from 1992, meeting at the SOLO – 92 festival in Stockholm, Sweden. After that first encounter in 1992, the trio has worked sporadically and played festivals in Europe and releasing 2 Cds on Maya Recordings. This recording captures them playing live in Belgium, 2009. It is explosive, high energy loaded ferocious music focusing on low dynamic melodic material. Tarfala Trio is at their peak creating the most exciting improvised music you can hear today. Continue reading