Rob Brown | Daniel Levin | Natural Disorder | Not Two Records

Natural Disorder What a great name for an album of improvised music, especially one like this where the elements of apparent chance and seeming inevitability are in such perfect balance. It might also reflect my own dealings with Rob Brown and Daniel Levin: if I were a believer in any form of fate, then I could well feel that this is an association written in the stars. I first encountered them at a gig in New York, where I’d expected to hear Rob’s quartet with Steve Swell, Joe Morris and Luther Gray, but an unseasonal snowfall trapped Joe and Luther out of town, and Daniel – whose work I hadn’t previously heard – came in as a last minute replacement. Clearly this changed the dynamics of the group, yet the way in which Daniel immediately established a relationship of equality with the two horns made a huge impression on me. But, after an exchange of email addresses all round, I headed back to my home in the North of England, and we had no further contact for almost two years. — Paul Bream Newcastle-upon-Tyne 15th July 2010 Continue reading