Stanley Nelson | Limbos for Amplified Harpsichord | Gazelle Books

Limbos for Amplified Harpsichord by Stanley Nelson is a musical and metaphorical tour de force, unique in both style and theme. Nelson writes a rarefied kind of projective verse. Words explode on the page, often utilised more for their musical value than for their literal meaning. At the age of 74, Nelson has declared this collection to be his greatest poetic achievement. He has been called the greatest avant-garde poet of his generation. The author of 16 published poetry collections, Nelson continues to push the boundaries of poetic form. Continue reading

Stanley Nelson | City of the Sun | Gazelle Books

Stanley Nelson is considered by many to be the foremost avant-garde poet of his generation. In his third collection, Nelson once again demonstrates the validity of that claim with four new long poems, City of the Sun, Fragrances, Genesis Vibes and Heidegger. These poems deal with deep archetypes, science and religion in a manner that is simultaneously deconstructive yet formal. Stanley Nelson continues to present us with his unique vision of the possibilities of poetry in this latest offering. Who else could combine the courtesans and the old testament with jazzy music and quarks? Continue reading