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Maurizio Argenziano: guitar | Massimo Spezzaferro: drums | Mario Gabola: sax

All tracks recorded by A Spirale between July 2008 and January 2009 at their basement studio in Naples, except kaluli, recorded in August 2007 by confusio. All tracks mixed by SEC_ in February 2009 at his studio. Graphic design: Vincenzo De Luce.

Tracklist: 1 black crack | 2 naja tripudians | 3 suriciorbu | 4 calco | 5 climbing your backbone | 6 kaluli | 7 tersicore

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Try to imagine Kevin Drumm and Bhob Rainey playing rock together,

with a drummer that deviate their already deviant music playing something coming from the sixties. The aim is to make music “not playing” (barbarous music, quoting Cornelius Cardew), a torn body that spits blood, whose only movement is generated by spastic contractions due to injuries. Agaspastik represents the “step beyond” of A Spirale, that from electroacoustic destructuration of “Porosità” (cd-r) and “Gariga” (SM – 1360) expand their range of possibility and control over the sound matter, losing themselves in the languages of radical improvisation, of power noise, of punk… Very dark and violent music, with bewildering moments of melody…

A Spirale was founded in 2002

by Maurizio Argenziano and Massimo Spezzaferro, guitar and drums, former Missselfdestrrruction members (“Asimmetrica” – Snowdonia, 2001), Mario Gabola, avantjazz saxophonist, and Anita Furlani, violist with academic background. In 2004 the album “Come una lastra” came out; it was recorded in Perosa Canavese (TO), in the studios of the avant-rock band Anatrofobia, and produced by Lizard, Italian label based in Treviso. Since January 2004 the band performs live as a three-piece (drums / guitar / sax), focusing much more on improvisation and with greater attention to electroacoustic research, while retaining postpunk physicality and immediacy. A spirale often collaborates with the classical/experimental actor Tonino Taiuti (who has worked with: Renato Carpentieri, Antonio Neiwiller, Enzo Moscato, Mario Martone, Gabriele Salvatores, Toni Servillo, Giorgio Barberio Corsetti etc.) in various performances halfway between music, figurative arts and theatre and on several recordings. Take part, during the 2007, to national network TEMPIA composed by musician, video and body performer(Lendormin, DBPT, Von Neuman, Obsolescenza Programmata, Stefano Giust, Renato Ciunfrini… ); Since 2007 A spirale merges the body performance, working with the Roman group Giano and contrabassist Roberto Bellatalla (who has played with: Tristan Honsinger, Louis Moholo, Evan Parker, Elton Dean, Michele Rabbia, Antonello Salis etc.). With other (no)/musician from campania founded “Collettivo Ø” give to the practice of ensamble and impro music. Then ASp (M.Argenziano, M.Gabola) meets SEC_ (synth and electronics), producing the same titled album ASp/SEC_, for FF HHH they will release another cd with a differnt project name called Aspec(t). During 2008 a further collaboration was born with Roberto Fega (Taxonomy, Pangolin Orchestra). In the end of 2008 ASp/SEC_ meet One Starving Day drummer F.Gregoretti, founding the avant-noise supergroup Strongly Imploded.

A Spirale collaborations include:

S. Borrelli (ETRE), R. Chatham , [hyph], E.Chadbourne, Taxonomy, The Hub, One Starving Day, Psychofagist, Cris X(Lendormin), Anatrofobia, Air Chamber 3, F.Spera, Lo dev alm, Jealousy Party, Tanake, P.Vietri, A.Mainenti, R.Pugliese, Nembrot, Illàchime 4tet, F. De Martino, P. Innarella, A.Fresa, E. Barone, Fotografi Senza Frontiere, Alessia Scala, F.Meloro, G.Beddoes…

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