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ACHILLE SUCCI bass clarinet, alto saxophone | SALVATORE MAIORE double bass

All compositions by Achille Succi and Salvatore Maiore except for Rosa by Pixinguinha, Night Lines by Achille Succi and Virus by Salvatore Maiore. Recorded on September 28th 2005 by Stefano Amerio at Artesuono Recording Studio, Cavalicco, Udine, Italy. Artwork by MASSIMILIANO SORRENTINI

Tracklist: 1. OTOKOGOKORO (Succi / Maiore) 2. SOULBLADE (Succi / Maiore) 3. PANTERANA (Succi / Maiore) Download Title 4. NIGHT LINES (Achille Succi) 5. HYPNOPOTAMO (Succi / Maiore) 6. ASTROGLIDE (Succi / Maiore) 7. VIRUS (Salvatore Maiore) 8. KY (Succi / Maiore) 9. ROSA (Pixinguinha) 10. FEDIFRAGOLA (Succi / Maiore) 11. GIUBEK (Succi / Maiore) 12. SETTEMBRINI (Succi / Maiore) 

A dialogue between deep and conscious sensibilities.

An exploration into the extreme resources of the two instruments, led among extraordinarily mobile and varied tonal colours. A chase without quarter through the spaces of the linguistic imagination of contemporary jazz. Improvisation which becomes an accurate structure in the hands of the two musicians who, with a total poetic compatibility, have been crossing paths for quite a time.

In this perfect work, Achille Succi and Salvatore Maiore reach an extremely high symbiotic quality, moving in the most complete liberty, even when they choose to rest on more well-trodden grounds, perhaps to pay a surprising tribute to the great Pixinguinha, one of the central figures of twentieth century Brazilian popular music. — Giorgio Signoretti

Succi is always a melodic player

and hence even his free improvisations contain motivic phrases that help create a structure. Indeed, the strength of the music lies in the structure that supports these twelve striking miniatures. […] Fabulous music that will entrance for every single second of its forty-four minutes. — Budd Kopman, All About Jazz – 6.5.2007 |

achille succi & salvatore maiore | pequenas flores do inferno | el gallo rojo records


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