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Death Drive Through Gaia Paris

Charles Noble

Series: (Open Spaces Series, 4) | Author: Charles Noble | ISBN: 1552382265 : 9781552382264 | Format: Paperback | Size: 115 x 180mm | Pages: 68 | Weight: .078 Kg. | Published: University of Calgary Press – January 2007 | Availability: In Print | Subjects: Works by individual poets: from c1900-

Each of the poems in Noble’s latest collection

is seventeen syllables, a kind of haiku. Nobel explains that these “short hairs,” or pseudo haikus, are not in fact traditional haikus. Rather he prefers to call them logopoeic haikus, even though this is a contradiction in terms. Logopoeia, of course, being Ezra Pound’s term and of the three possible dominances (the other two of the standard ménage à trois being phanoand melopoeia) he claimed logopoeia to be the riskiest— a tending to philosophy and a leaving of poetry.

From the Afterword 

“I can’t, or at least I refrain from, putting my finger on what language/thought action is spurred into being by the seventeen- syllable constraint—the only hewed-to rule in these hybrid haikus. The intersection of the ‘imaginary’ and the ‘symbolic’ is obviously the central consideration here, referring to the haiku genre level—not to the omnipresent intertwining, however hidden, in any language action, even of course in strict (haiku) phanopeoic language, and which can always be teased out again and explored or experimented with in many directions and to extreme degrees, even to, in reverse, cutting it all back to melopoeia, to one of the ‘materialit[ies]’ of language, all of it to a pharmakon moment of apoetics uncannily taken up by re-cognized/re- cognizing literary process and thereby stutter-doubled into proto- genre, set off (a möbius and deistlike pun) by on-board musings as twined and twinned to overboard.”

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