Clementine Gasser | Jacek Kochan | Tellef Ogrim | What’s wrong with Now? | Not Two Records

Not Two, 2012 | MW 870-2 | CD

Clementine Gasser – 5-string cello | Jacek Kochan – various drum set parts, trash percussion, prepared piano | Tellef Øgrim – fretless guitar, electronics

Recorded during a studio concert September 25, 2010 by Christoph Amann at Amann Studios in Viena, Austria. Cover photo: Christoph Aman. Inside photo & layout: Marek Wajda

Tracklist: 1. Nucleus 2. Department of tolerance 3. Inappropriate sense of smooth 4. iilthian 5. Second organized thing 6. Stop being pretty 7. What’s wrong with now 8. Wrong ring 9. El rato dtam 10. Gongo rot 11. Siblings

Clementine Gasser

(5-string cello). Born i Switzerland. Studied in Lucerne and Vienna. Among others she plays with Michael Zerang and Mikolaj Trzaska and is an active perfomer at avant-garde and jazz festivals in many countries (Austria, Spain, Ireland, Poland, Albania, Slovenia, USA). She describes her music as “subversive classical avant-garde”.

Jacek Kochan

(drums and percussion). Background in jazz (USA-Canada-Poland). Has released a row of records as a leader playing with central figures of the contemporary jazz scene in many countries. Besides jazz he works today among others with Agata Zubel and Cezary Duchnowski and dance ensembles in the Polish contemporary art music field.

Tellef Øgrim

Tellef got his first guitar in 1969. He can still remember the pain from the sore fingers on his left hand. And the price of the Suzuki steel stringed guitar (145 NOK). Singing Dylan songs in Leif’s basements (where Leif had made an altar for Dylan’s honor) and playing with the neighborhood band Bestum Pelsverk (later Celeste) gave him a solid rock and roll basis for the years to come. In the 80ties he played and recorded with Ung Pike Forsvunnet, Duck Spin and Libido and wrote and performed music for theater plays. In 1987 he removed the frets from a Yamaha SG electric that he rarely used. The guitar was a much better instrument without without the frets on, but after using it for two tracks on two different records (on «Wake me when the Moon comes up» by Duck Spin and on «Libido»), he almost did not play it for another 10 years. When he returned it was going to be almost all about the combination of the unfretted instrument and improvisation.



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