Connie Crothers | Lenny Popkin Quartet | In Motion | NA1013

Connie Crothers, piano; Lenny Popkin, tenor saxophone; Carol Tristano, drums; Cameron Brown, bass

Tracklist: 1. Dancing Red 2. In Motion 3. Emergence 4. Quartet Jam 5. Burst! 6. Belgian Ballad 7.Four-Way 8. Blues for Rob 9. Studio 6 10. C.B., C.T., C.C. and L.P.

Recording Date: Tracks 1-9: November 25, 1989, in Brussels at Belgische Radio en Televise (BRT), Studio 6. Recording Date: Track 10: November 23, 1989 by BRT at a concert at De Werf.

Named one of the top 50 compact discs of 1992 by Jazz Magazine (France)

A group

with a well developed sense of how to take past influences and innovations toward new horizons. – Lois Moody, The Ottawa Citizen

A memorable concert at “The Cave”

(Belgium, Nov. ’91) alternating standard forms and free forms — the music joining wild flights of the tenor around the harmonies, sinuousity and diabolical precision, compact rhythms stretching tradition, and at the center the pianist lighting the powder keg with flurries of single notes, unexpected accents and expansive chord clusters. They appeared astonished at the enthusiasm of the public that was still in shock but enraptured. This is their latest album. — Gerard Rouy

Connie Crothers | Lenny Popkin Quartet | In Motion | NA1013

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