Connie Crothers | Lenny Popkin Quartet | Love Energy | NA1005

Connie Crothers, piano | Lenny Popkin, tenor saxophone | Carol Tristano, drums | Cameron Brown, bass

Tracklist: 1. L.T. 2. How Deep is The Ocean 3. Another Era 4. Soul In Minor 5. Ontology 6. Love Energy 7. It’s You

Recording Date: April 14 and April 21, 1988 at RCA Studios, NYC

“It’s absorbing from beginning to end – an excellent album… sounds like nothing else.” – Francis Davis, Philadelphia Enquirer

“It comes off beautifully. Get it and do your ears a real favour. Number one record of the year.” – Jack Cooke, Wire

“‘Love Energy’ is the art of improvising in all its classic glory.” – Rob Leurentop, Knack

Connie Crothers | Lenny Popkin Quartet | Love Energy | NA1005

Crothers and Popkin

quite frankly take Lennie Tristano as their starting point. Popkin’s “L.T.” makes no bones about it — the tremendous strength of the piano in those typical tight turns, the misty tenor sound and — perhaps most of all — Carol Tristano’s swishing brushes all tell you that this begins where “Marionette” finished 40 years ago, which is to say it takes a particular, analytical view of bebop and reworks that analysis, and its resonances, into the present. It comes off beautifully. Clearly they’ve heard other music — this is by no means a time-capsule — but they’ve incorporated what they’ve used to nurture the basic concept. Thus “How Deep is the Ocean” recalls at times something of the sense of Cecil Taylor’s “Lazy Afternoon” without in any way borrowing directly, and Crothers on Tristano’s own “It’s You” echoes something of Paul Bley, while “Soul in Minor” represents a rather astonishing raid on the hard boppers. The flow of “Ontology” hangs so tightly together that you realise how well titled it is. Bassist Brown works hard in the engine room, and finally there’s a wonderful drum solo on “It’s You”. It only remains to say, if you can find it, get it — and do your ears a real favour. — Jack Cooke, Wire Magazine, August 1989, chosen as #1 record of the year.

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