Connie Crothers | Lenny Popkin Quartet | Session | NA1027

Connie Crothers, piano | Lenny Popkin, tenor saxophone | Carol Tristano, drums | Rich Califano, bass

Tracklist: 1. Starline 2. Bird’s Word 3. I Remember You 4. East 9th Street Drift 5. E Train 6. Easy Living 7. Carol’s Dream 8. Two-Way

Recorded Spring/Summer 1996 at Sear Sound, New York City

“The quartet taps different energy levels and creates distinctive textures, so expect a performance that will fully involve your musical sensibilities.” — Lois Moody, Jazz News

Connie Crothers | Lenny Popkin Quartet | Session | NA1027Now in its tenth year as a working band (aside from bassist Rich Califano replacing Cameron Brown) the Connie Crothers/Lenny Popkin Quartet continues to build on the methodology of its drummer Carol Tristano’s father. No small task to be sure, yet this group has moved past the simply derivative as Crothers’ long, meandering piano lines take on a life of their own. While the drums and bass are largely relegated to supporting roles, Crothers and the floating, billowy-toned tenor of Popkin are permitted plenty of room to stretch out. While some listeners may balk at the supposedly cerebral nature of this school, that criticism iis as untrue here as it was when assigned to Warne Marsh. In the meantime, the music still manages to convey a visceral punch and excitement, as Crothers’ rich melodies and fluidity of line captivate, especially when she throws in some playful dissonance for good measure. Similarly, Popkin is equally enthralling, as his phrases pick up and drop off whenever and wherever they please, but sound quite natural in the process. — Jon C. Morgan, Coda Magazine, March/April 1999

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