The Cosmosamatics | Zetrons | Not Two Records

Not Two, 2005 | MW 764-2 | CD

Sonny Simmons – alto sax, English horn | Michael Marcus – tenor sax, Bb clarinet | Masa Kamaguchi – bass | Jay Rosen – drums

Produced by Michael Marcus. Executive producer: Marek Winiarski for NotTwo Records. Tunes # 1,2,5,6,7 – recorded at Alchemia, Krakow, Poland, November 25, 2004. Engineer: Michal Rosicki (MAQ Studio). Tunes # 3,4 – recorded “live” at The Bimhuis, Amsterdam, Netherlands, November 22, 2004. Tune # 8 – recorded “live” at Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Austria, November 22, 2004. Edited and mastered by Eric Enjen, N.Y.C. June 12, 2005. Inside photos by Bartosz Winiarski. Cover design by Andrzej Wojnowski.

Tracklist: 1. Crossroads Out! [09:54] 2. Road Dogg [07:41] 3. Mingus Mangus [11:32] 4. Serene [05:38] 5. Shining Winds [06:38] 6. Harmonious Beautious [07:02] 7. Dance Of The Zetrons [08:52] 8. 12 Seasons Of Love [08:36]


the newest recording by the Cosmosamatics that you are now listening to, represents our story in the new millennium of American Jazz/Improvised Music. Among the musical tales you will experience, Dance of the Zetrons (title cut) represents a dance that is universal throughout the universe. Road Doggs is about the struggle and the strength of a band traveling on the iron horses (trains) in Europe. We also pay tribute here to the great Eric Dolphy and do a rendition of his classical composition, Serene. And of course, the beauty of Sonny’s tribute to Mingus with his suite: Mingus Mangus. We are a “band” – which is rare in Jazz these days. Sonny and I have been collaborating for years to keep the tradtion alive of being a bind (like these great groups: “Modern Jazz Quartet” – “Art Ensemble of Chicago” – “World Saxophone Quartet”, etc.) We are a group of improvisers, bringing a message of peace and healing love for all, trhough sound & sould. — Michael Marcus



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