Farouq Z. Bey with Northwoods Improvisers | Emerging Field

Farouq Z. Bey with Northwoods Improvisers | Emerging Field | Entropy Stereo Recordings

Farouq Z. Bey – tenor, alto saxophone | Mike Carey – alto, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, shakers | Skeeter C.R. Shelton – tenor, alto saxophone, tarogatta | Mike Gilmore – vibes, marimba | Mike Johnston – bass, percussion | Nick Ashton – drums, percussion

Live studio recording 12/20/2009. Recording and mixing by Mike Johnston. Art & design by Mark Rudolph and Mike Johnston. Cover photo & layout by Mark Rudolph. Mastering by Dan Bracken. In memory of Stevan E. Kaufman, Ajaramu Shelton and Keith Lockwood. All music is acoustic.

Tracklist: 1. Truth Serum 2. Mokondi Emerging Field (Suite) 3. Opening 4. Emergency Blues 5. Currents 6. Beauty is a Rare Thing 7. Song of the Khemti Nobles 8. Tenere’ (for S.E.K. & A.J.) 9. Pre-Text

Emerging Field

marks the sixth release of Faruq Z. Bey with the Northwoods Improvisers on the Entropy Stereo label. This release finds the group exploring rhythm and space in a broader sense than previous offerings. Faruq Z. Bey, Mike Carey, and Skeeter Shelton create thoughtful space and intricate conversations in their horn lines evoking a relaxed and passionate response with a solid blues focus. Mike Johnston and Nick Ashton root the group with their sound rhythmic foundation. The track Mokondi brings out the strength of this rhythm section. Mike Gilmore floats in and out of the music with vibes and marimba reminding one of some of the fantastic work of the late Walt Dickerson. Among the highlights are Carey’s arrangement of Ornette Coleman’s Beauty is a Rare Thing, and Mike Johnston’s Tenere’.

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2 thoughts on “Farouq Z. Bey with Northwoods Improvisers | Emerging Field | Entropy Stereo Recordings

  1. Each new release of this ensemble becomes my new favorite album. “Tenere,” which I first heard performed live at Detroit’s Cliff Bells, is a haunting journey into the heart of The Mystery, and, though it may sound like errant hyperbole, I think that the “Emerging Field Suite” may be our generations “A Love Supreme.”

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