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DANILO GALLO double bass, acoustic bass guitar | ACHILLE SUCCI bass clarinet, alto sax on #5 | GERHARD GSCHLŐSSL trombone | ZENO DE ROSSI drums, slit drum | nice guys featuring | ENRICO TERRAGNOLI guitar on #3, #6 | GIORGIO PACORIG fender rhodes on #4 | U.T.GANDHI additional drums on #4 | DANIELE D’AGARO tenor sax solo on #4 | NICOLA FAZZINI alto sax on #5 (1st solo) | PIERO BITTOLO BON alto sax on #5 (2nd solo)

Recorded November 4-5, 2004. Mixed February 13 and June 10, 2005 at Artesuono Recording Studio, Cavalicco, (Udine), Italy, by Stefano Amerio. Additional recordings a casa di Enrico (Verona, Italy) and a casa die Giorgio (Staranzano, Italy). Artwork by MASSIMILIANO SORRENTINI. Crayon by Carola Ghilardi.  BOOKING & MANAGEMENT – ZERO ZERO JAZZ

Tracklist: 1. KABU-L (Danilo Gallo) 2. PIECES FROIDES no. 1 (Erik Satie) 3. EL GALLO SANCHEZ (Danilo Gallo)  4. LULLABY OF RATTLESNAKES (Danilo Gallo) 5. MYSTICISME NUCLEAIRE (Danilo Gallo) 6. ALICE (Tom Waits / Kathleen Brennan) 7. PIECES FROIDES no. 2 (Erik Satie) 8. BUGSY SIEGEL (Danilo Gallo) 9. UDINE (Danilo Gallo)

A surprising alliance of instruments

which are usually confined to the hidden side of the music. A superb creative plot, a magnificent conspiracy against the institution of anaemic and well-mannered jazz, plotted by those on the lower part of the pentagram around the very original compositions of Danilo Gallo, but also built upon striking re-readings of material sourced from the heterogenious universes of Eric Satie or Tom Waits.

Close around the bass, played by the leader, are the profound and inspired voices of the bass clarinet of Achille Succi, the trombone of Gerhard Gschloessl and the ever-moving percussion of Zeno de Rossi. The special contribution on the part of Daniele D’ Agaro, Enrico Terragnoli and many others is not to be missed. — Giorgio Signoretti

If Todo Chueco is any indication

Gallo & The Roosters would be a total hoot live, bringing everyone to their knees in laughter and appreciation as they create their deep musical fun house. Outstanding. — Budd Kopman, All About Jazz – 20.2.2008 –

From innovation, creativity and appealing

compositions up until the art work of this release, Danilo Gallo disengages tons of lyricism and fun. […] This album is more than a gift and in a sense the title visualizes the way you will stand after listening to this creation, in a good meaning, as a “gallo chueco! — Ana Isabel Ordonez, – maggio 2006 –

On each piece

Danilo has written some memorable theme that will stay with you, rather folky and quaint, yet not particularly sounding like their from anywhere specific in Europe. — Bruce L. Gallanther, Downtown Music Gallery – 2.2.2006

gallo & the roosters | todo chueco | el gallo rojo records


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One thought on “Gallo & the Roosters | Todo Chueco | El Gallo Rojo Records

  1. Bassist Danilo Gallo is the leader of Gallo & The Roosters, whose wackily wonderful Todo Chueco literally translates into English as “all (or completely) crooked, curved or bowlegged.” However, chueco is also Spanish slang for “stupid” or “retarded,” which might more closely reflect the attitude of Gallo and the band. Although Gallo and most of the Roosters hail from Italy, there is a distinct Spanish undertone to the many of the tracks.

    The music presented is unpredictable, irreverent and tongue-in-cheek enough to make one laugh out loud. However, layered over and under this riot is a stream of very tight and knowing music. Gallo and his gang know what they do, and expertly balance between these two worlds—they are having some serious fun. How could someone who thanks singer Captain Beefheart, reed players Ornette Coleman and Eric Dolphy and painter Salvadore Dali not have fun?

    The Roosters are a quartet consisting of Gallo, reed player Achille Succi (here mostly on bass clarinet), trombonist Gerhard Gschlossl and drummer Zeno De Rossi, with a few friends sprinkled here are there over the tracks.

    Of the nine tracks, Gallo wrote six, with two pieces by Eric Satie and one by Tom Waits, and arranged everything. As the bottom of the band, Gallo sets the mood through his rhythmic pulse, as well as the boundaries of the harmonic territory. A powerful player, he continually pushes the band forward, directing the action. Succi is as free as a bird, and fits easily into any situation ranging from plaintive beauty to organized chaos, while Gschlossl slips, slides, sings and blurts as required. De Rossi, who can get very busy, is nevertheless always light and precise, playing counterpoint to the deep bass.

    “Lullaby of Rattlesnakes” just about sums up the band, as the slinky, slithering line is laid down by the bass and trombone. Succi enters later, adding some harmony, along with a very eerie Fender Rhodes sound from Giorgio Pacorig. De Rossi crashes away as Daniele D’Agaro eventually breaks out on tenor saxophone in the final section, which is wild and slippery.

    The way the two Satie pieces are treated speaks volumes. “Pieces Froides No. 1” is played quite straightly, with delicate drums and bass accompanying the melodic sounds of Gschlossl and Succi—one can almost hear its French origins. However, “Pieces Froides No. 2” is given a real ride as reverence gives way to French breakdancing more than once.

    If Todo Chueco is any indication, Gallo & The Roosters would be a total hoot live, bringing everyone to their knees in laughter and appreciation as they create their deep musical fun house. Outstanding.

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