Geordie Haley's Every Time Band | The Green Suite And Other Stories ; cover

Geordie Haley’s Every Time Band | The Green Suite and Other Stories

Geordie Haley – guitar/composer | Christine Duncan – voice | Jean Martin – drums | Paul Donat – bass | Evan Shaw – saxophone | Eugene Martynec – laptops

All compositions and lyrics by Geordie Haley except oilagarchy and oneiric by Geordie Haley and Christine Duncan. As all the sky by The Every Time Band.

Produced by Eugene Martynec and Geordie Haley. Mixing and marimba (on track tree hugger ) by Dino Carembelas. Flute ( on track tree hugger ) by Anne Thompson.

Recorded at Reaction Studio and Dino’s Loft.

Tracklist: 1. eagle boy 2. oilagarchy 3. gloves and goggles 4. we are air 5. giant squid 6. found above 7. iceberg 8. tree hugger 9. air reprise 10. as all the sky 11. oneiric

found above found above in a breeze so soft you would never feel it are spiders pollen seeds and hair all the dust in the world has always been here floating across the seas and time herself could it be that we are hopelessly connected

we are air green are we air water born we are heavy upon the earth out on the sea we are floating air we are born water green we are flo-drifting up to the sky out to the sea

gloves & goggles on the water’s edge we waited for the tide to come up but it never did so we slept awhile with our gioves and goggles out by the sea shore where once was heard the mighty waves the gulls skree the oil slicks and ozone haze horizons red with the strain of ancient toil o where is the tide today? so we have not but salt to eat how many days tothe beat of the sun have we been walking for this? where the village that we left once a river ran and flies did buzz around our necks ate the red rice staik we fled searching for green lo the river dust clung to. air around us send up dreams of hope for green and clouds in circles pray for rain fall the river bed is what we follow out to the sea the ocean’s rage is all melting ice caps she covers cities farms and graves so old how many days are left? will we find green

giant squid the tide carne in while we were dreaming sea foam and fish trapped in tide pools we woke and feasted on a giant squid!

iceberg when we woke up we were on an iceberg and it was big as all the sky a gate tore over waves that sent us churning out to sea no where to anchor we no bird no food no green we’ll burn our clothes to stay warm when we who first are out the gate and pleading with all ignorance forest dwelt you and i breathing skin ceil eloquence so more connected than apart stolen from us and rented back our goals and dreams significant we scramble for clues and wildly to pursue that which is near and dear to us picking up pieces that fit into hands and mouth extracting what is needed most

treehugger up here in the treetops up where the birds are far from the junkyards that poke my tender skin the air is sweet the sunrise tail lights apple maple vinyl pear a carburetor spare i won’t come down from here until the blue sky bankrolls i sold the wind planting the new pine if earth were moved to shake and i were to spill off my perch i would seep back up here in the forest green mist kissed ge-om-rne-tree limb twig set me free the gravity the air is sweet the sunrise tail lights tree.

Geordie Haley's Every Time Band


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