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Not Two, 1998 – MW 706-2 – CD

Frank London – trumpet – Greg Wall – sax | David Fiuczynski – guitar | Fima Ephron – bass | Aaron Alexander – drums

Recorded at the Bagatela Theatre, Cracow on June 30th, 1998 during The 8thJewish Culture Festival in Cracow. Recording engineer: Aleksander Wilk. Photos: Andrzej Kramarz. Graphic designer: Marta Golab, Ryszard Antoni Wojcik. Producer: Marek Winiarski. Front cover: poster of The 8th Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow by Marta Golab, Zbigniew Prokop and Marian Curzydlo.

Tracklist: 1. Al-Osfour Al-Majnoun [08:57] 2. Transcendence [05:49] 3. Hebe Bop [09:36] 4. Blues In Exile [08:01] 5. Satmer Hakofos Nign [12:35] 6. A.K.S. [06:32] 7. V’Smakhta [02:39]

Greg Wall

Fima Ephron | Aaron Alexander

David Fiuczynski

Frank London

As part of the Jewish Culture Festival

Cracow hosted an exceptional group from the US – The Hasidic NewWave. The concert of the quintet, which fuses jazz and funk with elements of Jewish and Arabic music, was truly a special event.

Co-leaders trumpeter Frank London and saxophonist Greg Wall, guitarist David ,,Fuze” Fiuczynski, bassist Fima Ephron, and drummer Aaron Alexander displayed not only inventiveness, finesse, and unbelievable technique, but created what could only be called a musical spectacle. They were able to draw the audience into the music as virtually active participants, creating a sort of collective celebration of it in spite of the fact that what they played is by no means ..accessible” music.

With their Cracow appearance, The Hasidic New Wave fully confirmed the qualities displayed on their CD ,,The Jews and the Abstract Truth”. Wall played incredibly; his improvisations, though rather far out, were well–constructed and convincing. His playing bore not a trace of calculated-ness, just honest, expressive, and highly personal creativity. London displayed equal sound-sculpting prowess, invention and enthusiasm while also connecting with the audience well. The rhythm section also deserves high praise: Fiuczynski amazed listeners with his Frank Zappa-esque guitar stylings, showing great musicality, sound, and feel; Ephron not only accompanied well, but tastefully integrated a variety of electronic effects into the music; Alexander played in a relaxed but at the same time extremely precise manner, with a perfect command of dynamics. His drums had a unique, soft, subtle, and warm sound.

The audience had a great time, the atmosphere in the room more reminiscent of that at a regular dance-band gig that an avant-garde jazz concert. Lack of space was the only reason people didn’t start to dance. — Robert Buczek (Jazz Forum) translated by Kami White



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