Illàchime Quartet | I’m Normal, My Heart Still Works | fratto 9

Fabrizio Elvetico: piano, electronics, electric bass | Gianluca Paladino: guitar, samples | Pasquale Termini: cello, synthesizer | Agostino Mennella: drums, electronics

Several fine musicians have given their contribution to the album. Among them, some important international artists like: Mark Stewart(voice of Pop group and Maffia), Graham Lewis (voice and bass player of Wire), Rhys Chatham (avantgarde musician from New York), Salvatore Bonafede (one of the most well-known Italian Jazzists).

Tracklist: 1. Terminali (source) 2. Discentro 3. Ballrooms (vivify) 4. Bottom Sea Engine 5. Flying Home 6. Terminali (destination)

Composed and performed by Illàchime Quartet | Artistic and executive production: Fabrizio Elvetico | Front cover drawing: Chio Testa | Graphic studio: Etacom | Mixed by Giuseppe Pippo Barresi and I.Q. | Mastered by Giovanni Roma at Blackchannel Studio, Sirignano, Italy | Released by Fratto9 Under the Sky and Lizard Records.

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Illàchime Quartet is an instrumental ensemble based in Naples (Italy) that joins electronics and acoustic instruments. It gathers sounds and noises from the surroundings as well as scattered fragments of acoustic memories, which form the texture for the interventions of the musicians along rough and terse lines, often improvised. Final target: to intrigue and to seduce the audience by means of an unconventional, highly kinematic sonic experience. This new album contains six tracks and a ghost track.

The band released its first album in 2004, then a contribute on the vol. 9 of Bip_Hop Generation Series (previous volumes of this compilation contained tracks by artists like Murcof, Scanner, Mira Calix, Phonem). Another release is planned for a compilation by the Dublin-based label Psychonavigation Records.


Sounds and rumors gathered from a changeable and inconstant external world form the base for the interventions of the musicians of rough and terse lines, sometimes minimalistic and disarmonic, often improvised. the sound is that that would evoke the idea of cinematographic music and has as a characteristic and soley constant element a strong and continous tension pervading each composition.

In this imaginary film which runs slowly and nervously, the voices of the engine of a silos sampled in the port of naples; the sound ambience in the courtyard in moscow on a winter’s day, the birdsong; become the ideal background sounds. the same goes for a faulty microphones which becomes a perfect bass drum.

Over these elements the musicians intervein as a contemporary music quartet. they create parts following circular sequences, interact with electronic machines and add to this the use of acoustic instruments – piano, guitar and cello – along with disturbed and disturbing electroacoustic insertions whose rhytmical elements play with broken time patterns of a nervous character. The idea of continous interchange between sounds and noise taken from surrounding reality which is shut out and the interventions of the musicians closed in, gives life to the structure on which the live show project i.q. leans. a visionary concert that nears the dimension of dreams aiming at touching the deeper emotions of the listener, it aims at linking the public to the four musicians on a stage in a common inward experience.

With i.q. collaborate the cellist marco di palo, the drummers daniele bucci and carlo di gennaro, the guitarist mimmo fusco, the musician marco pierno, the artist federico fernicola, the webmaster tony carnevale, the graphic studio etacom, the video-maker giuseppe bella.

Illàchime Quartet live: this spectacle, despite having many synthetic sounds among its components, owes most of its character to the instrumental interventions of the musicians whose contributions are both acoustical and electroacoustical. The musician interact using the sound at choice from the reality of musical sounds they are interpreting in the form of obbligations and improvvisation. in this way the samples which are played during the performance rather than limiting the musicians allow them to express themselves and interact freely this inverting the traditional relationship between man and machine the sounds and musical interventions are continously intense, incessant, nervous and ever growing with a rough tension. the i.q. music aims abolishing any filtering between artist and public. the ultimate objective is to embrance the musicians and public to a point of completeness that becomes an osmosis of deep sensations and emotions.

Live i.q. presents itself as a contemporary music quartet of austere visual aspect which interprets cinematographic music with strongly disturbing expressive elements; this sound is essential and thorny and long frames images intertwining with minimalism, post rock and hints of dark. this creating a blatantly transversal sound. seventy minutes of intense interchange between music and reality.


Fabrizio Elvetico was born in naples and studied piano and composition gaining his diploma in choral music in 1986 and graduating in studies of the history of aesthetics doing a thesis on the works of pierre boulez. his compositions have been performed in public by pholyphonic choirs and chamber music ensembles under his direction in 1995 he formed the group audiopan which was specialised in musical research and has done various radio broadcast for the rai (italian national radio and television network) and recorded various cd compilations. he has an important studio and concert activity also with the group andreasbanda and with psychotomy has extended to film, audiovisual and artistic sound installation his activity. he has also taught studies of multimedial urban communication and given seminars in the formation and updating of music information technology for various state institute in naples along with his work as an officially trained steinberg teacher of software application in professional audio work. fabrizio elvetico is also professor of general aesthetic studies at the national music college of trapani (sicily).

Gianluca Paladino, born in naples, is a musician and arranger who has worked in naples, rome and milan with different groups, performing in series of concert and festivals all over italy; has made four cds as well as other studio production. he works in studio re-mixing and in hd recording and also with his normal guitar and bass-guitar session. he has worked often with samples from reality and has a database of samples done in italy and abroad. he has created the project trilobite sonorizzazioni in 1999 doing production of ambience music for shows and events in naples, rome, milan and kassel. he has also worked as a consultants for various ngo’s in coordination of the work of cultural and development activities.

Who are the Illàchime Quartet? Heirs of an intelligent progressive? Are they the representatives of a rock that spreads in all directions according to Zappa’s conception? Or maybe the King Crimson entangled as a cultural backgound? Jazz-rock as if the Canterbury school lesson didn’t leave a void? Classics fragments staggered all around? Soundtrack trip? I was surprised by the Illàchime Quartet. Listening to their music I found that it was made of heart, brain, structure, a touch of fantasy that has never done any harm, decadent atmospheres and a touch of sinister. They might not reach peaks of sales; it is likely that they will just appear on this magazine, but if in your opinion this way of being “retro” instead of “traditionalist” as it was for the Cerberus Shoal or for some Iceburn, has a reason to be, the Illàchime Quartet will certainly hit the target. — Andrea Ferraris


The Illachime Quartet are a Naples based instrumental set up whose explorations into improvisation have pricked up the ears of various members of the musical cognoscenti, two of which notably contribute to this album. Opening with “Terminali (Source)”, an instrumental that somehow treads the tightrope between the tranquil and the unsettling, the intense nature of the album is revealed with “Discentro” – featuring vocals and lyrics by the legendary Mark Stewart, towering above techno so ecstatically disjointed it could induce migraines on to the overly sensitive. Wire’s Graham Lewis (on “Ballrooms – Vivify”) projects the whole direction of the CD to an unnerving area – the composite of his bleak lyrics against the wilfully uncomfortable musical backing from the quartet leaves a sensation akin to wandering into a deserted house where a recent unnatural death has occurred. The very nature of improvisational music compels it to either rise phoenix-like from the ashes, or spectacularly fall flat on its face – the latter emerging on “Flying Home” – where later on in the piece all elements of cohesion have appeared to have taken flight. Perversely, the standout track is hidden fifteen minutes into the final contribution – “Terminali (Destination)”. This “Ghost” track presents a more controlled, thematic thread to the album – and presents the quizzical novelty of having to fast forward to locate the pick of the bunch. An intriguing album – and not for the faint-hearted. — Lee McFadden 12/4/09

Many tendencies meet in the sound of the debutant Illàchime Quartet. They range from the classical, improvised or the ambient music to elements of minimalism and gothic suggestions. Making so various pulsions coexist requires instrumental magic, bent for composition, a good deal of unconsciousness but above all, it requires good taste. The founders of this project are Fabrizio Elvetico and Gianluca Paladino with the support of a team of collaborators. Thanks to their academic (the first one) and rock-influenced (the second one) backgrounds, the music of Illàchime Quartet boasts different artistic feelings that interpenetrate without changing radically their own essence. On this point it is important to consider the cohabitations realized in Cortile in Mockba and in Pale Fire representing a sort of math-rock whose pulsions to progressive flights find their well-balanced limit in the dialogues between cello and guitar but also in the successful piano understatement. The album is rich in samplings got in a Moscow palace or in an industial area as well as in a silos or listening to a valve radio. Inspired by a container for the storage of wheat, the masterpiece of the album Silos reflects the building of a magic structure where all the joints are tinged with electronic-glitch incandescences. The result is a very evocative kinematical development. — Stefano I. Bianchi | Blow Up Magazine, number 76, september 2004.

The music experimentation and, at the same time, the purpose to make all the different artistic feelings coexist is not easy. The worst thing that can happen is to make a synthesis and, as a result, to obtain an hybrid creature. This is a risk that the two musicians Fabrizio Elvetico and Gianluca Paladino (assisted by Carlo Di Gennaro, Drummond Petrie e Mimmo Fusco) prevent very easily. It may be for a clear account or just for a magic alchemy, anyway all the pulsions that move this project come out without efforts and they easily become music. Even if this is neither classical nor rock music, neither minimalism nor pure improvisation, the Illàchime Quartet’s sound holds all these tendencies in itself. The album is rich in samplings and glitches as well as placid piano chords while some ambient suggestions evolve in fascinating kinematical progressions. It might seem just a meaningless pastiche, but in spite of all you can catch a very solid balance in this project. — Guido Siliotto | il Tirreno, september 2004.


CD version (incl. shipment cost world-wide)

€ 14.00

MP3 version (72.87MB zip download)

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