Jealousy Party | Live | fratto 9

Roberta WJM – mixer, JP Set (cd, md, mic, percussions) | Mat Pogo – mixer, voice | Edoardo Ricci – sax, bass clarino, blunderbuss | Jacopo Andreini – drums, percussions | Andrea Caprara – bass | Alessandro Boscolo – mixing, recording, mastering

fratto9 under the sky-Boring Machines-Wallace-Bar la muerte

Format: CD Carton Sleeve | Release Date: April 2010

Tracklist: 1. Amaranta’s Dance 2. Hold’em Punca 3. Play On 4. Ora Quando 5. Ci Sta (Serve Qualcosa) 6. No Melody

Jealousy party, active Florentine ensemble from 1995, rape the suggestions of the free music (jazz and not only), avant-rock , the disturbed and unsociable electronics, squirts of songs, saxs, laptop and CDs in flames and histrionic vocal manipulations. The mutant project expresses with delirium and de-structured transparency the synthesis among creative abstract-ism, expressive urgency, mad avant-gardist, theatricality and punk attitude.

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